[tor-project] Notes from March 21 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Mar 25 08:22:59 UTC 2019

Notes for March 21 2019 meeting:

1) We got our planned releases out (8.0.7 and 8.5a9)
2) We might need to release security updates quickly this week depending
on today's pwn2own results
3) Worked together with ln5 on our upcoming NextCloud evaluation
4) Release preparations for 8.5

1) Cryptocurrency page launched and we've raised over $10k from it so
far https://donate.torproject.org/cryptocurrency. We have gotten a nice
buzz on Twitter and Steph will promote from the Tor twitter account once
a few edits are made to the page.
2) New monthly giving page should be ready next week and I'll use that
to invite groups of past donors to convert their giving to monthly.
3) Al is beginning to work on LOIs to a few human rights focused
foundations as well as one that provides funds for European travel.

1) tpo.org - Fixing UI things, closing issues, reviewing small devices.
2) tpo.org - Call for translators was released this week, reviewing ES.
3) Tor Browser 8.5a Release: TBA Network Settings, TB Security Settings
4) Tor Browser 8.5 Release: #27484, #29768, #27399
5) Security Setting Tor Browser manual update is ready (thanks wayward!)
6) Gave a talk on Tuesday at Cyborgrrrls encuentro tecnofeminista, Mexico.
7) Prep for IFF: TBA user testing, outreach material is on the presses,
making localized outreach material to be available for print and/or
share in .pdf (thanks emmapeel!)
8) Working on Personas with Duncan.
9) Reviewing Caroline's reporting from India and Thailand.
10) Tickets triage for ux-team tickets is complete, waiting for pili's
next steps.

1) to come out Friday, most likely.
2) Libreplanet this weekend: will be around for Saturday, but not Sunday.

1) Excited about leading tor scalability+performance; working on mail
for Isa, Nick, Roger to review before sending

1) prepared the State of the Onion presentation for LibrePlanet. In
Cambridge Fri-Sun.
2) preparing for website launch. Writing launch blog post.
3) reviewed the new cryptocurrency page
4) responding to inquiries

1) Dev Meeting -> we start to send invites to employees, contractors and
board members. We will send the rest of invites this week and coming
week. This bit of delay is mainly on me who need to finish the draft and
invite list for jon to email people.
2) preparing board book for next board meeting on March 29th
3) getting things ready for LibrePlanet

1) Working on financials for Board Books
2) Normal accounting stuff (invoicing funders, paying bills)
3) Working on rewrite of the Accounting Manual

1) Sponsor 8 Final draft
2) Getting people organised for Google Season of Docs
3) Preparing for S27 Kick Off meeting next week
4) Preparing to run capacity planning exercise for Browser Team
5) Finalising tpo.org and working on getting community portal content
6) Next week I'll be at Infracon in Barcelona
7) Week after next I'll be at IFF in Valencia

1) launched EE feedback process, working w/ Isa to answer some lingering
2) browser & OONI dev screening
3) general HR stuff

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