[tor-project] Notes from March 14 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Mar 15 08:09:49 UTC 2019

Notes for March 14 2019 meeting:

1) All's well
2) It's going to be tricky managing without Gaba for a couple of weeks,
but I think we're fine.

1) Scalability discussions; little worried about momentum and resources
2) Feeling a bit torn between explicit and implicit rolls, treading water.

1) Back in European time
2) Working on a beta release for OONI Explorer
3) Have started the OONI Backend engineer interviews
4) Work on improvements to our data formats and next generation OONI
Collector specification: https://github.com/ooni/spec/pull/128

1) working on the launch of feedback cycle 2019 (aka first feedback
cycle ever on Tor)
2) working on invite letter for dev meeting
3) working on employee handbook with Erin and other HR stuff
4) getting board book together for board meeting (need to share with
them by the end of this coming week)
5) Trying to get my quarterly update out before tea time next week!
6) got LibrePlanet slides done for Steph (we will have 200 shirts for
the booth plus stickers)

1) Cryptocurrency donation page should launch today or tomorrow
2) Outreachy campaign did not raise the $6,500 needed for an intern this
go around. We will plan to apply for the round that starts in December.
3) Al submitted two SOIs to DRL, a proposal to Craigslist Foundation,
and will submit a proposal to the Costa Rican Embassy this week.
4) Working on projections for the remainder of FY19 and FY20 with Isa.

1) Moving towards Tor Browser 8.5 (with all the pain and fun finalizing
a major release while trying to keep within the envisioned timeframe)

1) Screening for browser and OONI dev positions
2)  Launching the feedback/review process Friday
3) Working with Isa this week in Seattle

1) Started working on Sponsor 8 report
2) Worked on Proposal for British Embassy in San Jose for Community Team
3) Finished off Tor Browser 2 year vision write up
4) Started thinking about Google Season of Docs
5) A bit of work on Outreachy before we decided we weren't able to
participate this round

1) Changed metrics-web to run as a Java-only application rather than
being executed by Ant (#29166).
2) Wrote integration tests for metrics-web's data-processing modules
3) Evaluated OnionPerf measurements with regard to worst-case latency
(#29773) and bandwidth (#29772).
4) Wrote more parts of the last remaining Sponsor 13 technical report
that is due by end of this month.

1) Reviewed donate.tpo/crypto
2) 8.5 Review, TBA Network Settings and TB Security Settings
3) #28800 - New Identity
4) Organizing IFF activities
5) Printing outreach material
6) Outreachy pre-proposal submitted but it will not happen
7) Working with Caroline on debriefing India and Thailand
8) Review OONI Explorer landing page with Elio
9) OONI retrospective, Tor Browser new hire interview, Mozilla/Tor
monthly meeting
10) Doing things around tpo.org to launch

1) Working on second part of Sida Audit with the Auditors
2) DRL call re audit findings 2016
3) Working on new Accounting and Grants Management Policies and Procedures
4) Normal accounting stuff

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