[tor-project] Notes from June 6 2019 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jun 7 07:56:45 UTC 2019

Notes for June 6 2019 meeting:

1) Untagging remaining tickets from sponsor 19, looking for s19 tickets
for new sponsors (phw and network team working on it) and updating
roadmaps. The same with sponsor V.
2) Added sponsor 28 and 30 to trac. Going through checklist of new grants.
3) OONI meeting to update roadmap.
4) Creating the agenda for Tor meeting. This year we only have 3 days
and we need to go through a process of selection of which sessions we
want to have. Add the sessions you are all thinking are important to
have in the face to face meeting. Thoughts on how to select/prioritize
sessions? https://pad.riseup.net/p/_kDAK09C16xL2lBRQ7sJ
5) [INFRA INVENTORY] Sysadmin Team is asking for people at the Tor
project to fill information about resources they are using right now.
Please ask your team to add the resources they are using:
 - purpose (e.g. service running)
 - location (e.g. hetzner, amazon, etc)
 - age/lifecycle (e.g. 2008, ephemeral containers, etc)
 - memory (e.g. 24GB RAM)
 - disk (e.g. 2TB SSD or HDD)
 - cores (12 CPU)
 - cost (100$USD/mth)
6) helping with grant application
7) meeting with simple secure about new metrics data portal
8) meeting to talk about scalability projects for funding
9) looking at capacity starting in july for sponsor work

1) Helping Season of Docs candidates with their proposals
2) Polishing up Community Portal before sharing for feedback
3) Looking at different Open Source initiatives to attract volunteers
and/or committers.
4) Helping with Tor meeting agenda
5) Updated New Grants Checklist and added template for project kick off
6) UX Ticket triage
7) S27 meeting
8) Tor Browser Release meeting

1) another alpha release came out
2) another stable soon, after alpha has seen more testing

1) Tor-scaling making progress towards Mozilla all-hands
2) Helping with 0.4.1 fixes

1) Updated circuit round-trip latencies graph to include worst-case
latency: https://metrics.torproject.org/onionperf-latencies.html
2) Added throughput graph including worst-case throughput:
3) Merged OnionPerf branch to include more detailed error codes in .tpf
files for later analysis and/or visualization.

1) did frontend work for the community portal
2) working with OONI
 - OONI Explorer issues review, prioritization toward stable
 - reviewing tickets that require UX efforts for this month
3) supported the Pride Month initiative by the comms team
4) sent RSVP to OTF invite for the Taiwan summit
5) working on TBA
 - reviewing #24920 and #30540
6) working on S27
 - will meet syverson_ next week to discuss/learn about his ideas for O2A3
7) working on Defenders of Privacy campaign for the fundraising team
8) made assets for the Bug Smash Fund campaign for the fundraising team

1) General HR stuff

1) hardware survey in progress
2) pushed back on request to open SMTP authentication with request for
concrete bug reports of delivery failures
3) usual sysadmin stuff

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