[tor-project] Potential trademark violation - TOR Browser PRO

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Fri Jan 4 09:59:59 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

On 1/4/19 4:09 AM, Wendy Seltzer wrote:
> On 1/4/19 3:08 AM, emma peel wrote:
>> Nima Fatemi:
>>>> I did see a number of unauthorized t-shirts and hoodies online yesterday as well. I’ll add them to my list.
>>> We send the letters to these apps so the snake-oil ones are pulled and
>>> the ones that are legit, are more clear that they're not affiliated or
>>> endorsed by the tor project, as there's a good chance of harming the
>>> users who seek privacy and anonymity.
>>> But why are we sending letters who print Tor tshirts and hoodies? Are we
>>> gonna do the same with stickers too? I wonder what's the logic behind
>>> that...
>> I agree with Nima here. I would not enforce trademark protections on hoodies or t-shirts, only on fishy software, or something that may contain malicious software...
> It's true Tor's primary products and services aren't t-shirts. If
> someone is using the logo on a shirt in a way that celebrates the Tor
> project, I'd agree that's fine.
> If they're using it to make false associations that tarnish the mark, or
> pretending that their sales support Tor without in fact sending Tor
> money, we should complain.
> --Wendy

Afaik we haven't send any letter to people regarding shirts, stickers,
hoodies yet. I agree with the above and I *think* (haven't spoke with
Jon yet) where Jon was coming from was just the fact of 'use of the logo
without permission' but I believe with the explanations above that I
agree with he now understands better where is the line here :) so we
won't be sending any letter regarding this type of usage of our logo.


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