[tor-project] November 2019 report for the UX team

Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
Thu Dec 12 16:05:54 UTC 2019

Hi Tor,

OTF summit
We kicked off November in Taipei. I facilitated a session with our
friends of "OK Thanks" about designing with communities and
collaborative design processes. Thanks, Fiona and Tiffany for the invite
and for sharing this space with me <3

We also had very insightful conversations with OTF partners and
community members. Meeting such as like-minded individuals making an
impact around the globe is always a huge focus drive and fuel of
recharge energy to our day to day work.

Onion Services
We've been working on Prioritizing Onions feature with acat. We want to
allow users to 1. discover when a secure onion version of the website
they are visiting is available and also 2. opt-in to upgrade their
security. With onions becoming popular, onion secured sites may get
upgraded automatically, like what HTTP to HTTPS does. But now, we want
to introduce users about the benefits of onion security.

mcs and brade made progress on the onion auth feature too. Onion
services operators will be able to set an extra security layer.
Tor Browser will also allow recurrent users to save those credentials at
the first time of use.

After all the work we have been doing at the UI related with onions, we
may need to update our URL bar and circuit display to have a coherent
and consistent UI. We are having that discussion here

Tor Browser 9.5
We want to allow users to quickly recover from website breakage that
could happen because the security trade-offs, so we think per-site
settings are a critical part of improving that flow. pospeselr, and I
have been discussing how we can implement it at the browser user interface.

The last release set Letterboxing enabled, and we got some confused
users by the "weird margins." We've been discussing how we can introduce
the benefits of letterboxing to users and also how to allow users to
disable/enable the feature via the regular preferences panel UI.

We have been discussing and proposing improvements to the current
download Tor Browser page. We will run user research with communities
during December so it can inform our changes.

The styleguide got some love. We included updated brand assets, the Tor
Browser icon, and some other good peaks.

As part of S30, the ooni team has been working on exposing the new
Circumvention test in the Probe app UI, both in desktop and mobiles.

We did new rounds of tweets asking for translations for the manual and
support portal.
We debugged the errors with different locales on Lektor, and made it
easier to add new locales.
We updated the documentation
 - for translators
 - for developers

Open Team
The UX Team roadmap kanban breathes here:

If you missed those, November weekly meetings notes are here:

Peace and love,


Antonela Debiasi
UX Team Lead



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