[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting DECEMBER 5 2019

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Mon Dec 9 17:42:48 UTC 2019

(No Vegas Team meeting on November 28th.)

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
DECEMBER 5 2019:


- IFF Tor Village

- Are we all ok with receiving funding on our github account through github sponsors? Just double checking before I go ahead and put us on the waitlist…
	Discussion: This would allow people to donate to us through out GitHub account (https://github.com/sponsors); there don’t appear to be any commitments from our end on this, so yes, we’ll do it.

- When is the next feedback cycle?
	Discussion: Isa and ewyatt need to go back over the feedback and adjust the process; they will discuss it soon and make a timeline for the next cycle.


- reviewed S9 report, writing UX team November report
- cooking with onions, S27
- working with TB december tickets
- working with OONI UX tickets, S30
- planning user research with communities with nah, S9
- working with WWW
- talking with EFF's Soraya Okuda to come up with a set of education materials together.

- working on OTF learning lab app for onion services
- EOY campaign: successful Giving Tuesday. Working on a post interviewing Cindy
- Outreachy internship begins now. annalee_ will be working with me.
- Reviewing MOSS post
- in touch with b-renna at riseup to help them w more promotion
- Cliqz launched a search engine that features onion addresses https://twitter.com/MarcAlHames/status/1202607453394874369

- Reviewed Sponsor9 phase2 report. Bravo!
- Onboarding our new Outreachy intern, c1e0. Welcome! :)
- Writing blogpost for the Human Rights Day.
- Following up with Global South training partnerships. In December we have trainings schedule in India, Uganda, Colombia, Brazil.
- IFF Tor Village and main proposal
- Doing a Tor talk at criptofesta Sao Paulo this Saturday (12/07)

- Defcon video is up: https://blog.torproject.org/next-chapter-anti-censorship
- Rightscon submissions are now open.
- Any progress on putting together Costa Rica initial invite list? Time is passing.

- s31 report and blogpost
- sV report
- grant writing follow up for walking onions
- DRL implementers meeting
- follow up on reducing MOSS grant proposal (metrics team is starting to work on it at the end of January)
- we are collecting feedback on gitlab migration
- doing a Tor workshop at newsroom in Montevideo when visiting next week.
- put gus in contact with virtualroad for trainings
- put antonela-hiro-asn in contact with  virtualroad for answering questions about onionizing their services

- ooni load investigation (#32660)
- disk space issues for metrics team (#32644)
- more puppet code sync with upstream, almost there
- thinking cap on: less productive this week, but trying to think about larger issues (like fixing our installers)
- TPA meeting decision: raised the disk size of the prometheus, 5EUR/mth extra (in allocated budget)
- TPA meeting discussion: not sure when to do the next meeting and if monthly meetings are still relevant
- wondering about support continuity during christmas vacations and how much support we provide in general, see also #31243, maybe room for a larger discussion about SLA?

- Will give a Tor presentation at my old college in Austria (<https://www.fh-ooe.at/en/hagenberg-campus/>)
- Will possibly give a second presentation there in April, but more business-focused
- In the process of adding two new university default bridges
- More BridgeDB progress (sponsor 30) and pursuing another data set for sponsor 28
- Grant writing for a "transition to practice" project
- Investigating evolving snowflake block in China

- Finally finished and submitted the S9 Phase 2 report \o/ Thank you to everyone who helped out!
- S44 report
- S27 monthly and work completion reports
- General end/start of month housekeeping
- Generally Picking up where I left off at the end of October now the reporting is behind me...

- Tor Browser team lead transitioning is working well and almost done. Please ping Matt for Tor Browser issues from now on :)
- trying to finish all my Tor Browser work until the December holidays are starting
- trying to find the capacity to think about upcoming network-health work and its priorities (gaba: we might want to sync about that at some point assuming this will fall onto your plate from a PM PoV, but I probably won't get to it this year anymore due to last minute Tor Browser work. Maybe some time in week 2? <geko: week 2 of january? yes, let's talk then. --gaba> Sounds good, thanks.)

- Shadow Simulation Developer hire process seems to be going well.
- A bit behind on my S28 deliverables, but hope to catch up on that next week.
- The feedback from the Gitlab Ticket survey went out and all teams have submitted really valuable feedback there. Thank you!
- Lots of late meetings this week with a lot of smaller follows up to do.
- We have an issue with Gitlab we need to figure out what is since it makes the service more difficult to use right now.

- EOY campaign continues to go well. We have now surpassed that total amount of organic website income raised in the entirety of the 2018 campaign.
- We are starting to see some larger gifts in response to our postal mailing.
- Human Rights Day card going in the postal mail in the next couple of days to major donors and US monthly donors.
- Compiling news articles to include in a mailing to sponsors.

- Releases!
- Team lead transition (finishing remaining pieces)
- Working on roadmap of Tor Browser for next year
- Thinking about how we can sustainably grow the "Applications" team for coordination, larger than Tor Browser

- Met w/ Dees from Mozilla, will have a follow up meeting next week
- Met w/ Will and Alec Muffet while in London
- DRL Implementers meeting in London

- Worked on proposal for walking onions funding.
- New stable releases coming out soon. No major security bugs, but a backport of 32108 (accountingmax bug) is en route.
- Winter is making me a bit brainless. Please remind me if there is something I should b doing for you.

- Shadow dev hiring
- org/HR stuff

- Worked on proposal for OnionPerf funding.
- Deployed the new Python-based exit scanner on an AWS instance and let it run over the weekend, with success.
- Improved runtime of metrics website daily updater from 12+ to under 6 hours (#25924).
- Worked on an Onionoo patch to avoid rewriting unchanged files in order to be nicer towards the ganeti cluster (#32660).

- Scalability meeting + summary + followup

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