[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 17 Sep 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Thu Sep 20 11:35:00 UTC 2018


On Monday we had our weekly Tor Browser meeting. For the IRC log see:


Notes from our pad are pasted below:

Tor Browser Meeting Notes
Monday September 17, 2018
    -state of the onion talks (GeKo: pad for collecting ideas
    -sessions for the team meeting day (GeKo: Added a Tor Browser 8
retrospective; two sessions are place holders for stuff popping on on 9/27)
    -next meeting (GeKo: Will be in Mexico!)

mcs and brade:
  Last week:
    - Did some testing and created a patch for #26146
(`general.useragent.override` does not spoof the platform part)
    - Followed up on various desktop onboarding issues:
       - #27483 (dialog closure is effectively treated as "read",
causing screen advancement).
       - #27484 (unintuitive not-navigation buttons, starting with
"Circuit Display" / "See My Path")
       - #27485 (user not taught *how* to open the security-slider dialog)
    - Filed #27623 (wrong default pref values in Tor Browser 8.0).
    - Reviewed #26381 (about:tor page does not load on first start on
    - Reviewed several smaller patches.
    - Commented on #27691 (reset bootstrap progress when enough things
    - Helped with triage of incoming tickets.
  This week:
    - We will be away from keyboard on Friday September 21.
    - Review Richard's revised patch for #26381 (about:tor page does not
load on first start on Windows).
    - Create a patch for #27623 (wrong default pref values in Tor
Browser 8.0).
    - Help with code reviews.
    - Work on other 8.0 follow up tickets.
    - Help with triage of new tickets.
    - Review our notes from #22074 (undocumented bugs since FF52esr) and
file additional tickets if necessary.

   Last week:
      - mainly worked on tbb-8.0.1-can tickets (e.g. #26624, #27264,
#27507, #27543, #27546 #27663, #27469, #26556, and #27535)
      - triaging incoming bug reports for 8.0
      - reviews
      - tjr/sukhe: where are we with respect to
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1470772 (aka #26476)?
   This week:
      - reviewing and merging remaining things for 8.0.1 and 8.5a2
      - building 8.0.1 and 8.5a2 and signing both
      - triaging ff60-esr items
      - back to "paper" work: release doc update and design doc update
for 8.0
      - Mexico meetings preparation
      - i will be afk 9/24 and 9/25

    Last week:
        - Worked on #25764(making the mobile version of the circuit
        - Finished the #26690(padlock for mobile)
   This Week:
       - Finish #25764

     - Investigate more fingerprint attacks on mobile

    Last week:
        - fixed up patch for #26540 (pdf range requests)
        - updated patch for #26381 (windows sandboxing race condition)
        - started looking into #3600 (cookie redirects)
    This week:
        #3600 in earnest
        mozilla all-hands travel planning
        code reviews

    Last week:
        Worked on Restarting Gecko during First Run
        Began evaluating the Tor API
    This week:
        Give feedback on Tor's API
        Finish branch for restarting Gecko
        Work on patch for TBA only having Private Tabs
        Note: I'll be away for the beginning of the meeting due to an
unexpected conflict (GeKo: That's fine :) ) (not a discussion topic)

    Last week:
        - was afk until Friday
        - made patch for #27552 (fix Tor Browser 8 on CentOS/RHEL 6)
        - reviewed the patch for #27546 (Vertical scrollbar is broken on
Linux in Tor Browser 8 with Gtk3)
        - answered comment on binutils issue:
    This week:
        - look at #27508 (issue with libstdc++ on some systems)
        - help with building/publishing the new releases
        - get the testsuite running on nightly builds

      This week:
        - more testing, create trace for
https://bugs.torproject.org/27110 (TBB segfaults on I/O error and
silently fails to restart)

  - Last week:
    - Wrote or revised patches for
      - https://bugs.torproject.org/26555 (new circuit display shows
bridge addresses)
      - https://bugs.torproject.org/27097 (add "tor news" newsletter
signup link)
      - https://bugs.torproject.org/27427 (Fix no Script IPC for
      - https://bugs.torproject.org/27478 (torbutton dark theme)
      - https://bugs.torproject.org/27506 (onboarding bubble for rtl
    - Investigated:
      - https://bugs.torproject.org/27542 (saving websites locally loses
      - https://bugs.torproject.org/27175 (noscript plugin does not save
per-site permissions) [what should we do here?]
    - Opened:
      - https://bugs.torproject.org/27752 (network settings dialog does
not switch to meek smoothly)
      - https://bugs.torproject.org/27621 (idea: port tb-manual to lektor)
    - Met with loca lab to discuss Tor Browser locales
    - Met with Mozilla Tor uplift team
  - This week:
    - More tbb-8.0-issues/tbb-8.0.1-can
    - Finally uplift permissions/FPI patch (if time)
    - optimistic socks?

  Last week:
    - Worked on #25164 - Reproducible Tor Browser for Android Builds
(pausing for now, moving on to other trac issues). Currently program
outputs specific items in dex file that are different between builds.
    - Source Code: https://github.com/sisbell/dexd
    - Crate: https://crates.io/crates/dexd
  This Week:
    - Integrate and test rust program output (from #27438) with RBM
build for android-toolchain
    - Work on #26696, #26597, #27441


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