[tor-project] Notes from September 20 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Sep 21 07:34:40 UTC 2018

Notes for September 20 2018 meeting:

1) Pulling together little things for audit.
2) Pulling together bigger things for board meeting in Mexico.
3) Helping with some last minute things re: Mexico meeting.
4) Must finish Sida budget revision today.
5) Pushing along some stuff that has been stuck.

1) Audit moving along - still working to complete all selections with
2) Onboarding two new employees - trying to delegate as much as I can
while doing the audit
3) Working on Mexico City items to discuss at employee/contractor
meetings - time sheets, expense reports, etc.

1) Alpha came out; expecting new alphas every so often
2) About to release whitepaper about UDP and sidechannel research that
it needs. I'd like to pull Roger and Mike into a discussion.

1) woooooooooooooooooo getting all the things done before the meeting!!!!!!!
2) SOTO stuff ready? Please let me know ASAP if you're using slides.

1) Wrapped up my things for Tor release
2) karsten: I have a question about metrics' use of CIRC_BW events for
you (offline/after)
3) Wrote on Mexico safety+security mail

1) The OONI Probe mobile app illustrations are done and they look great!
2) Collecting feedback and iterating on OONI Explorer mockups
3) Improving based on feedback the OONI Probe mobile app Android prototype
4) Infrastructure housekeeping and data migration
5) A lot of progress with the OONI Probe desktop app and CLI:
6) Updated test lists:
7) Established new partnership with Paraguay's TEDIC:

1) Creating a calendar and list of deliverables for YE campaign. Will be
looping others into the planning document later today.
2) Updating Tor's Guidestar profile which donors often reference before
giving. The info there is also utilized by donation tools like AmazonSmile.
3) Gathering materials for Tor's state registrations for fundraising.
4) Arranging meetings in Mexico.

1) answered press inquiries about the cloudflare onions, drafted a
2) drafted a Tor stories blog post and survey, now in review
3) promoting Toronto library event and TB pilot program
4) prepped with isa for a podcast
5) getting tweets translated with help from emma & antonela

1) Released ExoneraTor 4.0.0 that reduces the overall database from 243G
to 63G and mean response time from 18.9 to 2.3 seconds.
2) Started a survey to get input on our Tor Metrics 2018/19 roadmap. If
you have suggestions what we should take into account, please
participate in this survey:
https://survey.torproject.org/index.php/987123 ! It runs until next

1) Release fun++ (we were ready to release 8.0.1/8.5a2 but need to pick
up additional Firefox patches)
2) Shari: I want to offer someone a contract for fixing one of our bugs
(#27503) as we can't do it ourselves well and reached out to someone to
give me an estimate about cost/time. It should be about 2-3 days of
work. How can we proceed here? [how much will it cost? If it's not too
much, we could just offer that person a contract - Shari]

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