[tor-project] September 2018 report for the UX team

Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
Fri Oct 12 18:33:33 UTC 2018

Hi Tor, 
At the start of last month, we supported the major releases made by the
Application Team: TB8 Stable and TBA Alpha. 
Also, the UX team meetings were redesigned to have more time for design
discussions. You can see the announcement here
Helen and Gus have been in Kenya as part of our global-south initiative
meeting local communities and running user testing. You can read more
about those results here
We ended the month in Mexico for our dev meeting. Thanks to all the
people who helped us to run the first dev meeting in Latam(!). 
Hiro facilitated a session with other community folks about how we can
join forces on localization and web development. Notes are here
Arthur and I open the conversation about current hot UX topics in Tor
Browser, such as Security Settings. If you want to learn more about that
topic, you can read
We ran design reviews with our OONI folks on their new OONI Probe App.
After this release people will easily measure their internets, helping
to spread the word about any censorship detection with the entire
community. Great work Elio! 
During the open days, we have been talking with the community about real
people using Tor. Finding patterns across those user stories allowed us
to set up a base to develop our tor users personas. Thanks to wayward
you can read those notes here
The UX team roadmap reached an alpha state, and we have it almost ready
for the next six months of work. Take a look here
If you are interested in one or more topics there, you are welcome to
join our weekly meetings!
On behalf of the Tor UX team,
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