[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, Nov 5 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Nov 6 09:09:00 UTC 2018


We had our weekly Tor Browser meeting yesterday. Our IRC log can be found at


Notes from our pad are

    - status updates
    - timesheet deadline
    - tba-a2 release planning (GeKo: we plan to have everything ready
for TBA-a2 in about two weeks)
    - We are embedding tor button within tor browser, should we ship it
with all locales? (GeKo: I think for now let's just go with en-US and we
can think about adding locales as we go)
    - OTF engineering lab - need a TBA volunteer to coordinate with
Nathan and possibly gaba (for gettor stuff) on ways for users to get TBA
initially e.g if it's censored on app stores (GeKo: we mull over this
idea in the coming days to have something we can pursue after we have
the TBA release out)

mcs and brade:
  Last week:
    - Returned from vacation and caught up on email, recent bug
activity, etc.
  This week:
    - Revisit #22074 (Review Firefox Developer Docs and Undocumented
bugs since FF52esr).
    - Review for #28039 (Tor Browser log is not shown anymore in
terminal since Tor Browser 8.5a2).
    - Review for #22343 (Save as... in the context menu results in using
the catch-all circuit).

    Last week:
        -helped with the Tor Browser for Android release
        -started to look into FPI of redirect write-up (#3600)
        -reviews, reviews, reviews (#28125, #22343, #28258, #27827,
#28310, #25013)
        -started with begin of the month updates
        -finished first part of bisecting rust reproducibility issues
(#26475) (as new fun thing for my spare time)
        -participated in the tor browser 8 retrospective meeting (tjr or
anyone: do we have a link to the meeting notes? I lost it in my IRC backlog)

        -took two days off
    This week:
        -finish begin of the month updates
        -make significant progress on design doc update (#25021)
        -think more about our security settings redesign (#25658)
        -looking more into the single-locale repacks (#27466)

    Last week:
        TBA release (after needing only one re-signing by boklm, thanks!)
        Reviewed #25013 (integrating torbutton into tor-browser)
        Integrated Orbot into TBA (#28051)
    This week:
        TBA+Orbot - #28051
        Rust audit - #27616

    Last week:
        - Sent a new patch to #25013 (torbutton)
        - Updated #26690 (padlock for android)
        - Reviewed #28125 (Don't let Android leak DNS queries)
   This week:
       - Finish all the open tickets with patch (#25013, #26690,
#28093, #27111)

  Last week:
    - # 27443 Firefox for Android - fixed arch dependencies and updated
mozconfig to align with tor-browser mozconfig (GeKo: could you remove
the ccache related entries? we are building within containers from
scratch and ccache should not help much in that scenario. However, it
might do so in local builds which is why it is there.)
  This Week:
   -  # 27977 - Look into orbot in tor-browser-build
   -  # 28144 - TorButton investigate adding to projects (igt0: I think
this ticket is affected by the #25013)
   -  # 27609 - Evaluate Tor Onion Proxy Library

    Last week:
        - updated and minimal patch for #26540 (setting pdfjs range
request first party domain)
        - wrote some words on arthur's #28259 (is not saving history
hurting tbb retention rates)
    This week:
        - need to verify cookies are sent/stored correctly with #26540
following some concerns from arthur (GeKo: are those concerns documented
somewhere? if not, could we add them to the ticket?) pospeselr: not
documented, putting on the ticket
        - review feedback/changes on #3600 discussion doc, figure out
what we should actually implement given the options

    - Worked on backporting mingw-clang patches to esr60
    - Got a running build on -central with --enable-sandbox
      - Need to re-apply the __try / __except mappings, since
mingw-clang cannot use them
      - Annoyingly, the test suite doesn't work in TC for an unknown
reason =(
    - Fixed a fuzzyfox crash

    Last week:
        - Finished patches for https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/1330467
Working on uploading branch,
https://github.com/arthuredelstein/tor-browser/commits/1330467+7, to
Mozilla's Phabricator instance for review
          - tjr: I do not recommend trying to use phabricator. Just
attach patches. arthur: OK! Just one by one attachments? There's quit a
few so I thought it would help keep things organized.

      - Opened https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28259 (Is
not saving history hurting Tor Browser retention rates?)

      - Also opened
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28316 (New Identity for
this Site, New Identity per Search)

      - Worked on revising #22343 (Save As)

      - Wrote patch for
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28187 (Change Tor
Circuit display icon to an onion)

    This week:

      - Optimistic SOCKS

      - ff60-esr bugs

    Last week:
        - Preparing Tor Visual Identity exercise to eventually choose
illustrations for the website and product, e.g onboarding
    This week:
        - Roadmap formatting and review

    Last week:
        - made patch to fix obfs4 nightly build (#28310)
        - worked on #28260 (Tor nightly builds are broken on Linux with
Rust enabled (since 10/31))
        - worked on #27265 (In some cases, rbm will download files in
the wrong project directory) and #27045 (Add option for firefox
incremental builds)
        - fixed #28287 (es download-easy link broken)
    This week:
        - do more testing of patch for #27265
        - follow-up on #26148 (binutils reproducibility issue)
        - continue looking at #28176 and how to bring back the testsuite
        - will be afk on thursday


    Last Week:

         - worked on security settings (#25658)

    This Week

         - continue working on security settings  (#25658)
         - Tor Browser Icon survey ends this week. I'll inform the
results with the list.
         - testing Orbot free TBA, thinking about (#28329)


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