[tor-project] Notes from May 17 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri May 18 14:13:19 UTC 2018

Notes for May 17 2018 meeting:

1) Worked on various smaller improvements to our statistics-generating
code as a (positive) side effect of specifying processes for Sponsor 13
deliverable 2.

1) Trying to finish up as much of the vanguards code as possible before

1) Uganda prep! All trainings are coordinated. We have a super packed
schedule, meeting with lots of people, doing usability tests, threat
modeling, and Tor trainings. Bringing tons of tshirts and stickers.
Super excited!!
2) LFI starts in about three weeks and we're all ready to go. You can
check out the first few weeks of our course materials here:
3) Did user experience coordinator interviews this week
4) Colin is officially the new relay advocate! He's beginning by
reaching out to the torservers partners and big relay operators, and
also created a new IRC channel for relays.
5) Gus also started this week as community liaison!
6) HOPE got back to us about our table! So now we have one Tor table and
one Tor talk.
7) Mexico City meeting planning is going fine, but it would be great to
have a couple more people helping.
8) reviewing apps for Mozilla Open Web Fellow/user advocate
9) Still looking for someone to take over admin of RT
10) Gonna test the new Tor training slides in Uganda, make some edits
based on feedback, and then share them on the community team wiki

1) Released an alpha; planning to release a stable.
2) Not much is up right now; gearing up for Seattle network-team meeting
3) Planning to take a couple of days off next week to prep for Seattle.

1) Full steam ahead with preparing ESR 60 switch; first Linux nightly
based on ESR 60 is planned for next week

1) Worked on organizing the workshops in Colombia  in June (me, Antonela
and Gus will be there) - we will do workshops with a very diverse set of
communities in 3 different cities.
2) Sending reports to sponsors
3) Catching up with all website redesign work - support site is pending
translations and torproject site needs some organizing for content creation
4) Interviewing User Research Coordinators; got job post for
Localization Project Manager done (with Erin and Shari) should be up
soon; working on Anti-Censorship Team Lead/PM job post
5) Following up with Brave on their implementation of support to Tor.
Plan to reach out soon to Cliqz. Documentation for 3rd party integration
that I was working on was put aside because I was doing training in SP
but I plan on picking this up again next week.
6) Preparing for Seattle visit at the end of the month (network team
meeting and me and shari syncs)

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