[tor-project] Tor at RightsCon

George george at queair.net
Sun Mar 25 22:02:00 UTC 2018

Sukhbir Singh:
> Hi,
> Is anyone from the community planning to attend RightsCon in Toronto May
> 16-18? I was wondering if it is possible to have some sort of an information
> booth there for Tor (the RightsCon website doesn't mention anything in the
> program), and if yes, then we should plan that together. Does anyone have more
> information about how this works?

(I'm not, but I think it's the right question to ask. When others attend
other events, the same question should be asked)

We discussed getting a banner (one in the US, one in EU?) for now...
plus stickers/shirts and any hard copy materials are the essentials, I

We are planning the same for HOPE in NYC in July.

> I will be there so I was thinking if I should attend in that capacity, or just
> attend the event as a volunteer. For the curious, the ticket prices if you
> attend as an individual (and don't volunteer) are quite steep, IMO.

I haven't made RightsCon before, it's the Access one, right?  I assume
other TPO people attend...

The interesting thing for these events is that we can begin to realize
that the "tor community" is a lot larger than any of us imagine...



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