[tor-project] Crowdsourcing some guidelines for what it means to make a web site "Tor-friendly"

Allen Gunn gunner at aspirationtech.org
Fri Jan 12 20:51:11 UTC 2018


On 01/12/2018 09:06 AM, sajolida wrote:
> Allen Gunn:
>> Hello friends,
>> I hope 2018 is off to a good start wherever this finds you.
>> So for those who aren't aware, my NGO, Aspiration, advises other NGOs
>> and activists on technology as part of our core mission.
>> And a common piece of advice we proffer is "make sure your web site
>> works well with Tor Browser", i.e., doesn't use Flash or overly depend
>> on Javascript.
>> The more I have given that advice, the more I have wondered if it was
>> documented anywhere what it actually takes to be a "Tor-friendly" site.
> Great initiative!


>> Big thanks to GeKo, who first confirmed for me that no such
>> documentation seems to exist. And then for helping me to bootstrap this
>> page:
>> https://pad.riseup.net/p/torfriendlysite
> I can only see a 'lol' on there now. See attachment.
> Has it been defaced?

Yes indeed, thanks for flagging that. It is restored now using the
history slider:


Though all of the colors of different editors are gone.

> I wanted to check your guidelines for "don't overly depend on Javascript".
> Something that could be interesting would be to give more hints on which
> aspects of JavaScript will definitely not work and be blocked by Tor
> Browser and which other aspects work fine in Tor Browser.
> While still making it clear that people running Tor Browser are more
> likely to disable JavaScript all the way, so there should be a
> reasonable fallback for them.

I welcome your comments on this matter, as well as feedback on what's
already up there!

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