[tor-project] Notes from December 13 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Dec 14 07:44:48 UTC 2018

Notes for December 13 2018 meeting:

1) network team:
 - s8 Q4 report on the make
 - MOSS modularization proposal was awarded this week. Starting Jan 1st
(for 1 year).
2) metrics team:
 - s13 november's report was sent
3) ooni
 - monthly meeting on roadmap
 - process tweaking
 - hiring a new dev to replace one leaving
4) anti-censorship:
 - kat will start working on 2nd report
 - new developer hiring position: 2nd round for code challenge. we will
make a decision soon.

1) Reviewed blog related tickets, user testing docs and the new DRL proposal
2) Working with matt on #28329 TBA + Orbot
3) Working on snowflake extension UI
4) Working on Outreach material, Alison and I powdered magic last week
5) Writing a blogpost for the EOY campaign about the ux team
6) Writing November ux report
7) Hiro is working on tpo.org or tpo.org/about on staging
8) Elio delivered OONI Explorer Measurement pages this week
9) OONI and UX did a kick off for OONI Explorer Country pages

1) One more 0.3.5.x release likely before Christmas.  Had to delay
0.3.5.x schedule again.
2) New "dormant" feature may affect applications in 0.4.0, especially if
they rely on Tor to always bootstrap.  Applications may affect the
dormant feature, especially if they check for updates frequently. We
should send some emails and schedule a meeting, I guess?

1) Tor Browser 8.0.4 and Tor Browser 8.5a6 went out and it looks like
nothing exploded (yay!)
2) Preparation for our next big milestone for Tor Browser on Android

1) Sponsor2 work continues.

1) Was in San Francisco last week for Berkeley Group presentation.
2) Spent time in Seattle office syncing with Al and writing notes on
letters sent to donors who haven't shared their email address with us.
3) Seeing an uptick in donations from TB updates as well as social media
contest for a Tor swag pack.
4) Drafted 2019 fundraising roadmap.
5) Reaching out to high net-worth individuals who may be interested in
our work, but who have never donated.
6) Donate page was down early this morning and was fixed by Linus. It
went down a few more times, but seems okay now.
7) Working with Steph on RightsCon roundtable proposal.
8) Sent Human Rights Day email to our email list.

1) EOY fundraising - social media, editing blogs: 2 more very close to
finished. Did a push with graphics around human rights day
2) checking for people who may want to join Sarah and I in a RightsCon
submission for a fundraising/marketing roundtable
3) Added some ideas for Sponsor19 Report 2

1) Circulated OONI monthly report, check it out:
2) Moving forward with OONI Explorer measurement page development
3) Finishing WDC -> MIA infrastructure migration and other devops fires
4) From January to beginning of March I am going to be in the UTC+13
5) Bugfixing and improvements following the OONI Probe mobile app beta

1) Did cash forecast analysis and board book for board meeting.
2) Invoiced funders for October and November
3)  If there are any milestones that I can invoice for please get them
to me soon.
4)  Working on finishing the audit by EOY
5)  Working on Audit for 2014 and 2016 findings with DRL.

1) Sponsor 8 Q4 report
 - started gathering tickets and filling in indicators
2) Sponsor 9 Phase 1 report
 - looking at updating narrative report based on feedback from Sida
3) Sponsor 19
 - started organising tickets for Browser, UX and Community teams
4) Started organising tasks for Community Portal
5) OTF Core Infrastructure Fund Proposal review
6) Reviewed outstanding blog tickets and started thinking about future
plans for the blog

1) Mozilla All Hands was really great.
2) Following up with grants and sponsors reports
3) working on YE blog post and video for challenge
4) will be in DC for a day next week - will meet DRL - also will be
working from Brazil from dec 20th till january 13

1) Published EOY campaign blog post "Strength in Numbers: Measuring
Diversity in the Tor Network":

1) sending notes to potential major donors and other focus on
end-of-year fundraising
2) lunch with Mitchell Baker from Mozilla on Tuesday
3) general editing and personnel stuff
4) wrapping things up in the office next week

1) my first vegas meeting! sitting across from Isa in NYC, getting into
the flow.
2) what kinds of updates do you want? (so I can prepare for next meeting)
3) personnel stuff, wrapping up some offboarding
4) conversations w/ Isa re: our recruiting processes in progress

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