[tor-project] Tor Browser meeting, 17 Dec 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Dec 18 10:34:00 UTC 2018


We had our last Tor Browser meeting for this year yesterday. The IRC log
can be found at:


Status updates from the pad are available below:

Monday December 17, 2018

        - super sick, may not make this meeting (GeKo: get better soon!
I'll write something up then for our #3600 discussion, I guess, which
you could digest later)

       - Tim Huang has been looking at spoofing the macOS command key as
"control" so that we could spoof useragent in JS. His preliminary
observation is that it fixes google docs. Is that something that Tor
thinks is a good idea to work on and would be interested in using? Or
what would help in making this decision? (GeKo: yes, we are definitely
interested as the current solution is just a workaround to somewhat
balance usability/fingerprinting concerns)

    Last week:
        -helped with releases getting out, nothing exploded it seems,
which is reassuring but we got a lot of good bug reports (which I
triaged and tried to help with):
(still need to verify that one)

            #28874 led me over the weekend to try to build a debug build
which in turn uncovered issues with our debug builds
(https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28875) and I sat down
writing patches for our broken ASan debug builds (#27597)
        - reviews/testing (#28720, #28640, #28850, #28764, #12885)
        - helped with Sponsor8 report
        - thought about our current donation banner logic and a
potential release to show it longer to users
        - made progress on security slider redesign work (#25658)
although not as much as I wanted
          - work on related bugs:
              -patch for #21805 (WebGL's click-to-play is not working)
              -investigating #28873
        - started to work on mingw-w64-clang toolchain over the weekend
        - TBA-a3 meeting
    This week:
        -make as much progress on #25658 as I can and optionally #28716
        -I'll be afk from Thursday lunch time on and plan to show up on
Jan 7, 2019 :)

mcs and brade:
  Last week:
    - Reviewed work to be done for #25694 (Improve the user experience
of updating Tor Browser).
    - Worked on #28885 (notify users that update is downloading).
    - Reviewed #12885 (disable Windows JumpLists).
    - Filed #28822 (re-implement desktop onboarding for ESR 68).
    - Commented in #28809 (Create build-specific installer for macOS).
    - Did a little testing of Tor Browser 8.0.4 on macOS.
  This week:
    - More work on #28885 (notify users that update is downloading).
    - We will be away from keyboard tomorrow (December 18).
    - We will mostly be away from keyboard between December 23 and
January 1.

        Last week:
            Finished torbutton as a system-addon patch (#28640)
            Pushed a patch for review backporting Download crash on
Android (#28705)
            TBA-a3 planning meeting
            Worked a little on new TBA Tor Launcher design (#28329)
            Began looking at Fastlane for localization (#26844)
        This week:
            More Fastlane work (#26844)
            Patch for adding permission for installing apps from TBA
            Tor Launcher on Android design (pending mockups) (#28329)
            Start investigating F-Droid again (#27539)

    Last week:
         - attended reproducible builds summit, and sent an email about
this to tbb-dev:
         - helped with publishing of the release
         - fixed #28850 (Error downloading dvlib-26.0.1.pom and
         - did email setup for sending testsuite results
    This week:
        - continue work on testsuite, and binutils issue

        Working on analyzing the telemetry we have for content window

    Last week:
        - OTF Proposal for warnings and notifications and new identity work
        - Sponsor 8 Q4 report
    This week:
        - Looking ahead at next year and planning Tor Browser Sponsor work
        - Sponsor 8 Q4 report
        - AFK from Thursday 21st Dec - Friday 4th Jan inclusive

  Last week:
   - #27609 - Evaluate Tor Onion Proxy - Evaluation Work
   - #28803 - Integrate building PT - Initial investigation
   - #28752 - Gradle downloads tor-android-binary (fixed)
   This Week:
   - #27609 - Evaluate Tor Onion Proxy - Break apart into definable
   - #28803 - Investigate Pluto 2 for building of transports

Last Week:
- #28329 TBA + Orbot
- TBA-a3 meeting
This Week:
 - #28329 TBA + Orbot
 - #23888 Snowflake web extension


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