[tor-project] Minutes from June 20th meeting

biella biella at riseup.net
Tue Aug 21 22:03:17 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Here are the June 20th 2018 Tor board minutes, approved Monday. I will
be pasting our minutes in the body and providing the permanent link to
them and as I mentioned sending them out shortly after our board meetings.




Tor Board Meeting Minutes for June 20, 2018

Phone/Video Meeting called to order at 16:00 UTC

Present: Shari Steele, Matt Blaze, Ramy Raoof, Cindy Cohn, Linus
Nordberg, Biella Coleman, Nick Mathewson, Julius Mittenzwei, Megan
Price, and Roger Dingledine

1. Administrivia

– Approval of April 16, 2018 minutes. Matt moved the motion, Megan
  seconded, all voted in favor.

RESOLVED: minutes from April 16, 2018 approved.

– Approval of March 12, 2018 minutes with amended time from 17:00
  UTC/16:00 Rome to 16:00UTC/ 17:00 Rome time. Biella moved the
  motion, Matt seconded, all voted in favor.

RESOLVED: minutes from March 12, 2018 approved.

– Discussed potential dates for Mexico City Board meeting with current
  proposal being: October 1st closed meeting and October 2nd in the
  morning for the open meeting.

2.  Executive Director Transition Overview

– Job descriptions for two project manager positions and fund raiser
  have been drafted and circulated.

3.  Personnel Overview

– Shari provided an overview of personnel status.

4. Finances

– Shari went over 2017-2018 financials and proposed budget 2018-2019.

– Went over future/upcoming Tor Budget for July 1 2018 to June 30
  2019. Biggest change is an increase in salaries/benefits and to
  accommodate new hires.

– Approval of 2018-2019 budget: Megan moved the motion, Cindy
  seconded, all voted in favor.

RESOLVED:  2018-2019 budget approved.

5. New Board Members

– Cindy will be proceeding to follow up for inviting potential
  candidate to Mexico City.

Ramy left at 13:30

6. Other Business

– With feedback in place, Biella will be finishing finalization of
  meetings minutes for release.

Meeting Adjourned at 13:41 UTC

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