[tor-project] Notes from August 16 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Aug 17 06:41:49 UTC 2018

Notes for August 16 2018 meeting:

1) got back from vacation and dealt with my backlog
2) We prepared Tor Browser 8.0a10 and are currently building it. Planned
release is 8/20.
3) We are close to get our first alpha for Tor Browser on Android out.
Planned build date is tomorrow, 8/17, and it will go out next week.

1) Working on sponsors reports (I need to get this done asap)
2) Attended FOCI, met a lot of people. Had meetings w/ Sarah, Arturo and
Roger as well. Time well spent :)
3) Organizing 2 things related to our Brand: 1. Mozilla want to do a
research on Tor brand perception, we will meet w/ them next week and 2.
Berkeley University has a student program called the Berkeley Group that
helps non-profits with different things, we are in touch with them to
help us build a strategy to help improve our brand perception.
4) Working on hiring, interviewing candidates, job posts. Also building
onboarding for PMs and general onboarding.
5) Trying to catch up with emails and with sending Alison the sessions
suggestions I have.

1) DEF CON last weekend: ama went well! very friendly tone, in depth
questions / answers. demand for us to have a booth next year! who’s in?
will keep an eye on submission dates.
2) presented at 2nd cybersecurity program for HS girls. thanks to
gman999 for the help. talking with Yin about possible future events and
media collabs.  {It took me a few seconds to figure out that HS=High
School, not Hidden Service --Nickm} [haha :D]
3) edited a nice post tommy wrote about sina for the blog
4) working on website copy
5) talking with sarah about possible newsletter changes
6) trying to get a mozilla blog post mentioning Tor updated
7) talking with Gunnar about media outreach for mexico

1) Back from vacation and catching up
2) Held LFI weekend on the first weekend of August, and it was awesome!
3) Continuing with meeting planning for Mexico. Please encourage your
teams to submit their agenda ideas emails to me.
4) Gus is working on further developing the open days. Ideally we'll
have a blog post out soon, just waiting on the location details of the
feminist meetup after the meeting.
5) Colin is working on a relay operators meetup for the open days
6) We started organizing our team plans for developing community.tpo
7) The Outreachy term is ending, and we're encouraging Cy and Jaruga to
stick around Tor :)
8) Gus is getting ready to go to Kenya
9) Once we catch up with this week, we'll get back to the TB 8.0 docs
for Android

1) Met with isabela and Roger at FOCI.
2) Working to optimize the email list and make the subscribe/unsubscribe
process better for the user and have clear data collection in Civi.
3) Finalizing Donate page changes with Giant Rabbit.
4) YE campaign planning.
5) Networking to find a great grant writer.

1) Getting somewhat bogged down with team deliverables; must remind
various folks.
2) Worked with mike et al to try to find some direction on congestion
control/datagram issues.
3) Privcount marches on
4) NSS+TLS is still eating my brain as a programmer.

1) preparing for board meeting next week
2) continuing to interview people for various jobs
3) met with auditors last week; preparing for 2017 audit
4) talking with UC Berkeley group about branding
5) need to make small budget revisions for Sida

1) Moved ExoneraTor to its own webpage on Tor Metrics in an attempt to
bundle all user-facing metrics-related content and services on the Tor
Metrics website.
2) Modified per-graph CSV files available on Tor Metrics in preparation
of deprecating and removing the pre-aggregated CSV files one month later.
3) Removed the "Fraction of relays reporting onion-service statistics"
graph after including its data in existing per-graph CSV files.
4) Put out several Onionoo releases and patch releases to fix
regressions introduced in protocol version 6.2.

1) Coordinating research on congestion control/Tor performance topics
2) Finishing up Sponsor2 report
3) I think that Tor could benefit from (at least one?) more
research/transition to practice developer(s). I can't do all the
coordination and all the development, and fill in missing
research/experimentation pieces too. I am still thinking about what this
looks like, but in particular there are often experiments that are left
out of published papers, and aren't quite enough for papers on their
own. This means the academic community won't do them. There's also a lot
of work to do things like eg transition the various subcomponents from
vanguards into core-tor.

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