[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 13 Aug 2018

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Aug 14 19:01:00 UTC 2018

Hi all!

We had another Tor Browser team meeting yesterday 1800 UTC in
#tor-meeting at irc.oftc.net. The meeting log can be found at:


The entries from our meeting pad are below:

     - The TBA strings file seem to contain Fennec strings. Compare:



mcs and brade:
  Past two weeks:
    - Tried a few more things for #26514 (intermittent updater failures
on Win64).
    - Fixed #26985 (Tor Launcher help button icons missing).
    - Fixed #25509 (Tor Launcher misleading proxy prompt).
    - Created an updated patch for #26960 (implement new about:tor).
    - Worked on desktop onboarding:
      - Created a patch for #26961 (new user onboarding).
      - Created a patch for #27082 (enable a limited UITour).
      - Researched #26962 (new feature onboarding).
  This week:
    - We will be unavailable on Thursday and Friday of this week due to
family commitments.
    - Try jacek's suggestion for #26514 (intermittent updater failures
on Win64).
    - Incorporate final artwork for #26961 (new user onboarding).
    - Work on #26962 (new feature onboarding).
    - Review our notes from #22074 (undocumented bugs since FF52esr) and
file additional tickets if necessary.
    - Revisit #26381 (about:tor page does not load on first start in
localized Windows bundle).  Does anyone else have time to work on this
        -pospeselr: I can take a look!
    - After the Tor Browser nightly builds include the network team's
fix for #26876, do some testing for #26251 (Adapt macOS snowflake
compilation to new toolchain).

    Past two weeks:
        - made a patch adding an option for incremental firefox builds
        - found some way to make a program requiring GLIBCXX_3.4.22 for
#25485 (Fix libstdc++.so.6 compatibility for Tor Browser) and reviewed
patch from sukhe
        - reviewed #27020 (RBM build fails with runc version 1.01)
        - made patch for #27101 (Error building tor in tor browser
nightly builds)
        - the machine doing nightly builds has some network issue, but I
won't be able to fix it until next week, so I set up a new replacement VM
        - fixed some testsuite issues: #26981, #27106
    This week:
        - continue working on #27105 (fixing testsuite for esr60) and
        - look at #12968 (HEASLR)
        - help with #25485 if needed (libstdc++ issue with updater)
        - help with building new release

    Last weeks:
        - got cross-compiled incremental mingw windows builds working,
initial setup and build still takes awhile (but less than a full rbm
build), but subsequent builds after changes around ~2 minutes, mostly
linking (in a VM)
                - workflow for printf debugging windows tor-browser is
now way less painful
                - winsetup and winbuild scripts available in a branch
                - shouldn't we apply ifdef'd versions of the build-time
windows specific patches ( 1464084.patch, 1467041.patch and strcmpi ->
stricmp) to the firefox source directly rather than applying them in
rbm? [GeKo: it's meant to indicate their temporal status essentially
being patches not meant to be carried around in tor-browser, although
this could possibly be debated in the strcmpi->stricmp case]
        - fix for #26874 ( Investigate UNC path restrictions failure in
Tor Browser 8.0a9  )
                - turns out this is actually broken in ESR60 when FF is
*not* installed to an SMB share

    This week:
        - uplift fix for #26874
        - update wiki with cross-compile mingw build instructions
        - review #27045 ( Add option for firefox incremental builds )
        - review gk's patches
        - #26381 (about:tor page does not load on first start in
localized Windows bundle)
        - #21785 (Keep an eye on the Storage API )
        - Portland for Rustconf Thursday-Friday
                - my initial reason for going to this was to get some
hands on experience with rust, but do we as a team have any goals we
wish to accomplish with a presence here?
                - considerations for rust for tbb standalone launcher,
rust-qt bindings?

    Last Weeks:
        - Make sure the #26884 works with noscript webextension (it does!)
        - Worked on TBA onboarding #25696
            - The final assets are missing, I am working together with
Antonela on it.
            - The design is slightly different than the one in the bug.
In landscape mode the UI doesn't have enough space, so the whole view
        - Started #27111 (about:tor for mobile)
    This Week:
        - Finish #27111
        - Update #26574 addressing Geko's comments
        - Review mobile related patches

    Last weeks:
        Audited third party libraries in Fennec (#26982, #25851 (plus
child tickets))
        Reviewed permissions requested by Fennec and created patches
(#24796, #26825, #26826)
        Investigated Fennec's Firefox Account code and nearly finished a
patch for it (#26858)
        Researched how Mozilla localize Fennec and build localized
releases (#26843)
    This week:
        Finish Firefox Account Manager patch (#26858)
        TBA onboarding ticket
        Make sure we're ready for releasing the first alpha version of TBA
        RustConf on Friday

    mingw - Have a build in -central that builds.... just doesn't run  =(

    pospeselr: you using msvcr whatever spec file? nevermind!

    tjr: this is using mingw-clang w/ ucrt so we shouldn't need it

    fuzzyfox needs some feedback from david; but it probably getting closer

  Last two weeks:
  * Was afk for a few days
  * Audited HTTP2 implementation and patch for #14952
  * Wrote patch for #24056 (UI locale is detectable by button width)
  * Wrote patch for #17252 (Confirm TLS session resumption/ID respect FPI)
  * Confirmed #21787 (Make sure exposing calendar info does not leak the
  * Reviewed #26655 (onion button wrong size and color)
  * Re-verified #17512 (Tor Browser installer isn't properly localized)
  * Opened #27123 (ping/settings timing side-channels, #27098 (monthly
giving banner), #23925 (2018 donation banner) #27097 (Join email list)
  * Updated Tor Browser locale monitoring: torpat.ch/locales
  * Wrote patch for #26609 (investigate whether the
-moz-windows-accent-color-in-titlebar media query adds a fingerprinting
vector) -- patch soon
  Coming week:
  * Revise #14952 as needed
  * More tbb-fingerprinting patches
  * torbutton banner

    Last Week:
        -being on vacation
        (the week before mainly reviewing patches, working on #26475 and
a bit on the network code review)
    This Week:
        -trying to get releases out
          -I need help with reviews, in particular a second review for
#26456, #24056 and tickets I provided patches for (#26628, #26833, #26655)
        -work on my backlog
        -work on #26475
        -work on network code review

    Last Weeks:
        - #25485 (libstdc++): merged but will need revision
        - #26476 (Windows crash): still investigating, doing log
comparison now
            - no longer blocks on tjr
        - #12968 (HEASLR): no progress so now asked boklm to look into it
        - (offline two days last week)
    This Week:
        - #26476 (Windows crash)
        - Revise #25485?
        - Hooman and I are going to resume #25483 (Windows reproducible
build of snowflake)
        - anything else I can pick since the above two involve building and
          won't take up all my time? [GeKo: I'll look at some tickets
after the meeting, e.g.:#27061 and #24465]

  Last Week:
    Confirmed that generated Android APKs have different checksums after
2 builds (classes.dex different)
    Investigating diffs and android grade builds
  This Week:
    Continue investigating why classes.dex isn’t reproducible
    Setup Mac environment for builds
    Attending RustConf Thurs/Fri


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