[tor-project] Notes from August 2 2018 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Aug 3 11:50:39 UTC 2018

Notes for August 2 2018 meeting:

1) Working on the next vanguards release and an associated document on
other aspects of onion service security (Steph: This may be just a
release announcement blog post, sometime next week. We could also turn
the security document into its own post, but other people should read it
first)(Sounds good - keep me posted -steph).

1) Attending Bridge fundraising conference Wednesday 8/1 and Thursday
8/2. Networking to find a grant writer.
2) Meeting with Giant Rabbit on 8/3 to talk about updates to the Donate
3) Beginning to put together a fundraising calendar. Monthly giving push
- month of September. YE campaign starting on Giving Tuesday 11/27 and
running through 12/31.
4) Monday 8/6 meeting with Dan and Nat at OTF.

1) chairing NYC meetup tonight
2) talking to Derechos Digitales about a joint campaign
3) leading a media training workshop for LFI on Saturday
4) working on website copy and tba copy
5) meeting with Giant Rabbit on Fri about updating donate page
6) sent newsletter Tues
7) published support portal translation post, need to get back to a
couple of others

1) Meeting with Isa on Friday and team on Monday to talk about revising
2) Got feedback from hellais on mobile APIs: need feedback from other
mobile folks asap.

1) flying to NYC tomorrow
2) LFI weekend!
3) more Mexico City meeting planning -- sending out agenda email soon
4) working on docs for TB 8.0
5) developing support portal feedback workflow

1) We picked a team for proposing to RACE. FYI, that proposal will fill
up all my time for the next 6 weeks.
2) I'm in the final sprint for the anti-censorship funding via penn.
This time for sure! Is there somebody I can hand the baton to, for
ramping things up? I am burnt out on this proposal and also all full up
on the RACE proposal.
3) I got ahf to start working on the Marionette eval for a start. This
is important and we shouldn't drop it just because everybody has their
roadmaps and none of them include anti-censorship.
4) I asked Mike about sponsor2 report status. Mike? [I am finishing up
vanguards things, and then plan to do a quick push to shore up the
WTF-PAD code first. I can make an outline for the report in the
meantime, if you would like that - Mike]
5) FYI, PETS 2019 is now scheduled: July 15-20 2019, Stockholm. I hereby
start a rumor that we might hold our next Tor meeting right before it.
People who wanted to learn this already should be on the (public)
meeting-planners list.

1) deep into hiring for several positions
2) got two grant proposals in
3) meeting planning, including for next meeting in Stockholm in July 2019
4) personnel stuff
5) trying to dig myself out from dealing with above

1) Published specifications for querying and processing the per-graph
CSV files added to Tor Metrics earlier this year.
2) Finally completed 1 out of 2 deliverables for our Sponsor 13.

1) Sarath has joined the OONI team, yay!
2) Made a lot of progress on OONI Probe desktop apps
3) Reviewed and provided feedback to the tor_api.h:
4) We published a report on social media disruptions amid Mali's 2018
presidential election:
5) We published a research report examining internet censorship in South
Sudan: https://ooni.torproject.org/post/south-sudan-censorship/
6) We hosted our monthly community meeting
7) We interviewed several community members to collect feedback on the
revamp of our mobile apps
8) Next week Maria is presenting OONI at the Annenberg-Oxford Media
Policy Summer Institute and is providing a workshop for journalists and
9) We wrote onboarding documentation to share with every new person that
we onboard from here onwards

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