[tor-project] For technical users: Please help us test next-gen onions!

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Wed Sep 20 11:40:56 UTC 2017

George Kadianakis <desnacked at riseup.net> writes:

> Hello people,
> <snip>
> 4) Now setup a socat tunnel to the prop224 ircd:
>       socat TCP4-LISTEN:4250,bind=localhost,fork,reuseaddr SOCKS4A:localhost:gff4ixq3takworeuhkubzz4xh2ulytoct4xrpazkiykhupalqlo53ryd.onion:6697,socksport=9250
>    Check out the onion address! It's heavy!

Bleh made an error in the above socat command; it points to the wrong
socksport based on the torrc above. The right command should be:

$ socat TCP4-LISTEN:4250,bind=localhost,fork,reuseaddr SOCKS4A:localhost:gff4ixq3takworeuhkubzz4xh2ulytoct4xrpazkiykhupalqlo53ryd.onion:6697,socksport=9008

Sorry about that :)

Let me know if you find more errors!

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