[tor-project] Support team: changes in meek-amazon that may affect users

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Wed Nov 1 18:54:23 UTC 2017

Today at 18:10 UTC I turned off the CDN endpoint formerly used by
meek-amazon. Tor Browser switched away from this endpoint 7 months ago
(https://bugs.torproject.org/21918), but Orbot only recently switched.
Just before I turned it off, the endpoint was still being heavily used,
so it's possible that some users will have been suddenly disconnected.

== How to fix ==

Users should upgrade their Tor Browser or Orbot.
Tor Browser 7.0.8
Orbot 15.5

Users can use meek-azure if they need connectivity in order to upgrade.

== Technical information ==

d2zfqthxsdq309.cloudfront.net is the old, deactivated endpoint.
d2cly7j4zqgua7.cloudfront.net is the current endpoint.

If a user has a custom bridge line that looks like:
	meek B9E7141C594AF25699E0079C1F0146F409495296 url=https://d2zfqthxsdq309.cloudfront.net/ front=a0.awsstatic.com
they need to change it to:
	meek B9E7141C594AF25699E0079C1F0146F409495296 url=https://d2cly7j4zqgua7.cloudfront.net/ front=a0.awsstatic.com
Most users will not be using custom bridge lines like this and only need
to upgrade.
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