[tor-project] Support team: changes in meek-amazon that may affect users

Mike Tigas mike at tig.as
Wed Nov 1 22:40:33 UTC 2017

On 11/1/17 14:54, David Fifield wrote:
> Today at 18:10 UTC I turned off the CDN endpoint formerly used by
> meek-amazon. Tor Browser switched away from this endpoint 7 months ago
> (https://bugs.torproject.org/21918), but Orbot only recently switched.
> Just before I turned it off, the endpoint was still being heavily used,
> so it's possible that some users will have been suddenly disconnected.

Onion Browser migrated to the new meek-amazon bridge in 1.7.5 (week of
May 21, 2017), shorty after the change landed in Tor Browser.

Affected users should upgrade to Onion Browser 1.7.5 or newer to
continue to use meek-amazon.

(AFAIK, any iOS device that can run a version of Onion Browser with
pluggable transports support -- landed in 1.6.0 in August 2016, iOS 8 or
later required -- can upgrade to 1.7.5 or newer.)

I know Onion Browser isn't in the purview of the Tor Project support
team, but just putting this out there in case y'all get any inquiries
related to this.


Mike Tigas

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