[tor-project] We killed the User Experience component - how to use #ux-team tag

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> On 26 May 2017, at 08:00, Linda Naeun Lee <linda at torproject.org> wrote:
> Hello all,
> The purpose of the UX team is to work with all teams at Tor to help them build great user experience for their projects. The previous work that the UX team has done also reflects this--evaluating the Tor launcher interface, redoing the metrics website, creating web and mobile interfaces for OONI, testing the mobile security slider.
> Since our work is always in collaboration with another team, we decided to instead of having a component for UX team (vertical way of organizing our tasks) we are adopting a keyword (tag) for our team #ux-team (horizontal way to organize our tasks) that can be used across components on Trac.

Hi Linda,

Sounds like a great idea!

For people who haven't used trac before:

Trac doesn't use '#' in its tags, and it calls them 'keywords'.

So to tag a ticket, do:

Keywords: ux-team

You can have as many keywords as you like, separated by spaces.
(And commas, if you like commas.)

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