[tor-project] We killed the User Experience component - how to use #ux-team tag

Linda Naeun Lee linda at torproject.org
Thu May 25 22:00:41 UTC 2017

Hello all,

The purpose of the UX team is to work with all teams at Tor to help them
build great user experience for their projects. The previous work that the
UX team has done also reflects this--evaluating the Tor launcher interface,
redoing the metrics website, creating web and mobile interfaces for OONI,
testing the mobile security slider.

Since our work is always in collaboration with another team, we decided to
instead of having a component for UX team (vertical way of organizing our
tasks) we are adopting a keyword (tag) for our team #ux-team (horizontal
way to organize our tasks) that can be used across components on Trac.

*What will you do with the #ux-team tag? *
We will be labeling ongoing projects that we work on with this tag. But we
are also building a process for you to 'tag' a ticket with #ux-team if you
think we should look at it. We will triage tickets with the #ux-team tag
every Tuesday at 1500 UTC time on #tor-project. There, we will evaluate if
those issues are indeed something we can help with and give you an answer
of what's next.

*When do I use the #ux-team tag? *
"If something is broken and the user can't use it is not necessary ux
related - more chances are that is ux related if *its working* and the user
still can't use it."Common tasks that the ux team does includes creating or
editing user interfaces, creating images/videos/other media, testing your
product on users, and helping communicate with users.

*What about #usability and #tbb-usabilty tags?*
People can use them to track things they want, but we won't specifically
look at tickets marked with those tags until there is the #ux-team tag. We
have already looked at tickets with those other tags, and tagged relevant
tickets for the UX team with the #ux-team tag--if we missed one, please tag
it with the #ux-team tag!

*Ok, what will happen with website and blog components under the "User
Experience" component?*
We have reorganized the "User Experience" component into a "Webpages"
component! The tickets under the "User Experience" component currently were
previously all torproject.org and blog.torporject.org related, so this
seemed like a good transition. It also made sense to have a component for
webpages, so that we can track work for other webages in the future:
media.tpo, extra.tpo, and various new portals (dev, support, and
community).  Sites that won't be subcomponet of this components, are sites
that we consider they are a product of a team, like OONI page, or the
metrics page.

This information exists on our wiki page as well:

We think that this is a much more intuitive way to organize the work!
Thanks for your cooperation.

UX team
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