[tor-project] Network team meeting notes and status updates, 5/1

Nick Mathewson nickm at freehaven.net
Mon May 1 17:41:34 UTC 2017

Below are the status updates from our weekly meeting.  The notes and logs are at


Updates for network team meeting, 1 May 2016

Happy international workers day

Happy may day

Um and also...........  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loyalty_Day
     (No, people don't actually observe that, afaik.)

    * feature freeze may 15 (?)
    * 032 priorities
    * dgoulet's tickets questions
    * Mike wants to discuss is_client wrt #16861, #21406, and #21585
    * rust proposal
To do after meeting
    * Everyone update milestone progress on isabela's roadmap storm pad.
    * Plan 032 planning


I'll be missing from the meeting today to celebrate May 1st, feel free
to ask questions on IRC and I'll respond when I'm online again.

Last week:

    - Landed patches for new compression backend: #21662, #21663,
#21664, #22066, and #22085.
    - Reviewed #22061, #22051, #21648, #22065, and #21646.
    - Fixed #21665, but the code have not landed yet.
    - Fixed minor build-system issue on OS X (bug #13802).
This week:

  Sponsor4 (ordered):

- Working on the last prop278 (for now?) bug: #21667

- Figure out what's next for Sponsor4 or help out with 0.3.1 bugs or
XXX (depending on what is most urgent).


- Coverity duty.

  (I have a dentist appointment this morning; I think I'll be back to
the meeting on time.)
  - Last week
    * Nearly done with prop140 stuff: diffs are generated and
compressed and I have the code to serve them.
    * Also refactored some sucky APIs.
directory_initiate_request_routerstatus_rend(), anyone? I think we
should declare open season on any function taking more than 6 or 7
    * Moved a bunch of stuff out of 0.3.1 based on triage
    * Released (stable!)
  - This week
    * Catch up on hard design-y emails
    * Finish prop140 implementation (!!!1!)
    * Help ahf as needed with prop278 stuff.
    * Try the gitlab instace
    * Create a review-group
    * Review lots of stuff
    * UX-TorLauncher meeting later today

  Last week:

    - Worked on #21859. Unittests mainly
    - Opened #22052 based on lessons from #21859.

    - Implemented the ed25519 torsion validation at #22006. Branch is pushed
      and looks good, but it needs a bit more work needed before needs_review:
      Ian suggested we do this check for all network-received ed25519 keys, so
      I need to make sure I actually validate all of them.

    - Opened #21969 but haven't had time to think about it.

    - Started looking at guard discovery stuff again.

  This week:

    - Finalize #21859. Put it in needs_review.
    - Finalize #22006. Put it in needs_review.
    - More work on guard discovery.

  Last week:
    - Did triage. Wasn't a whole lot to triage that week.
    - Updated #16861 some more for dgoulet; I have a question about a
couple other bugs
    - Did a little more work on Sponsor2 stuff
    - Some coordination with Mozilla; some rusting
  This week:
    - Tor Launcher meeting and discussion
    - Sponsor2 work continues

  Last week:
    - Worked on #20657 unit testing. Also, rebased that branch onto master
      resolving conflicts from the refactor of directory.c.
    - Final review and test of #16861 (mikeperry netflow).
    - Worked on #22060 which turns out to be a bit more tricky than expected.
    - Addressed asn's review for #21978.
    - Worked on random 031 tickets: #22042, #22034, #21715, #21293,
    - We got #13802 merged finally! Thanks to pastly and nickm's feedback!
    - We had some bad-relays business to take care of and help out a bit with
      asn on some next steps for Guard discovery stuff for HS.

  This week:
    - Finishing test coverage of #20657 and prepare it for early 032 merge.
    - Integrate asn's work on circuit e2e #21859 with #20657.
    - Depending on the state of things for the prop224 service implementation,
      I might start the client implementation big branch!

    Last week:

        * started sketching out new baseXX APIs that will be more robust and

less error-prone (#19531).  e.g., given our calling patterns it

actually makes sense for encoding functions to return void, unless

they're allocating memory or lengths are variable.  almost all of

our base32 and base16 uses involve fixed-size arrays, so having

assertions for length checks might actually be the right thing.

* did more analysis about PT arguments (#12930).  filed #22088 with

  proposed minor PT spec changes to mitigate this issue.

* looked at Tor Launcher usability stuff

This week:

* 15-minute fixes

* Tor Launcher usability meeting

* more digging into control port stuff and bootstrap progress

  reporting to improve Tor Launcher usability

    last week:
        - took the week off
        - worked with dcf to finish getting the meek-bridgedb channel set up
    this week:
        - sort out new contract
        - several meetings regarding roadmapping and the new distributor

    - have more time this month so can be on irc more during the day!
    - Reviewed Sebastian's intial Rust integration patch
    - Fixed up my partial implementation of protover in Rust from
Sebastian's review
    - This week:

- Work with Sebastian on writing a "Rust in Tor" document - we have a
rough working draft.

- Continue with finishing a full protover implementation in Rust

    Opened https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/22106 for
initial Rust integration work

    Last week:
        - had a call with drl on our proposal - got good clarification
        - bugged folks on roadmap :)
        - organized meeting for tor launcher automation feature definition.
    This week:
        - working on April report to OTF
        - replying to DRL follow up questions on our proposal / also
emailing a summary of the proposal deliverables to folks involved on
        - doing another check on roadmaps. and emailing tor project
all teams roadmaps

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