[tor-project] Notes from April 27 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon May 1 15:38:19 UTC 2017

Notes for April 27 2017 meeting:

1) did a training in Atlantic City NJ this week; next week I've got a
few events in Boston and Rhode Island.
2) starting to work on the Community Team roadmap and organizing our
tasks into trac tickets
3) lots more content completed for the support portal
4) working on the membership guidelines again and will propose them
after the CC vote is completed.
5) working on Global South meeting info gathering
6) doing preliminary stuff for Montreal meeting

1) I'm in New York this week, meeting with funders and others.
2) Offered job to a new writer, and he seemed to have accepted. We'll
announce after we receive it in writing! 96 people applied for that job!
3) Still waiting for decision from our favored communications director
candidate. If he doesn't commit by next week, we'll open it up and start
circulating the job description.
4) Reviewing OTF metrics proposal and writing up the budget.

1) Probe orchestration prototype almost complete:
2) Held a community meeting on Tuesday
3) Coordinated with translators for the Arabic, Farsi, and Russian
translations of ooniprobe (which are expected to be included in the next
ooniprobe release)
4) Meeting with the Localization Lab about next steps in terms of
localizing our tools, methodologies, and documentation
5) This week OONI partners are hosting OONI workshops at the Internet
Freedom Festival in Lagos, Nigeria
6) There will be a OONI workshop at CryptoRave (https://cryptorave.org)
in Brazil

1) Ongoing work on getting Tor Browser 7.0 into stable shape (release
planning/bug triage etc.)
2) Roadmapping taking dependencies to other teams/Mozilla into account

1) Work goes on.  New Tor release out yesterday. TB users should have it
in a month or so. Sponsor4 deliverables on-track for 0.3.1.
2) 0.3.1 feature freeze may 15; tell your friends
3) meeting with folks Monday to coordinate tor launcher stuff; potential
opportunities / problems to consider as we move ahead.
4) speaking at MIT class on 10 May ; Bostonians should feel free to crash
5) using new format at our team meetings: pad -based status updates,
plus additional discussion on IRC

1) Got a mail from Mitchell introducing me to Jofish, the Mozilla IoT
2) Also meeting about the Tor Launcher bridge automation
3) Trying to get Ben Rosenfeld involved in Trademark notices. Not
hearing from Wendy?
4) Continue working on Tor padding and playing with Rust (and triaging
Tor tickets).

1) Continued writing funding proposal that is due April 30.
2) Made plans to add a second CollecTor instance and a full Onionoo
mirror on tpo hosts.
3) Added translations and language selection to
4) Finished technical report on privacy of Tor's in-memory statistics
that will be published by end of this week.

1) Working on OTF proposal with Metrics team
2) Following up on answers for DRL
3) Dependencies Dependencies Dependencies - working on organizing them
with teams. Automation feature for Tor Launcher is the main one that
cross many teams, hopefully on Monday we will meet and get everyone on
the same page there.
4) Linda is working on site-mapping the current site and the new ones in
order to organize the content for each new portal and make sure we are
not missing anything.
5) Hiro got a gitlab instance working for Network team to test and this
will be the beginning of 'moving away from trac' mission. She is also
working on migrating the blog ->
6) OMG need to finish my report on user growth strategy :(

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