[tor-project] New blog deployed

Silvia [Hiro] hiro at torproject.org
Fri Jun 16 08:41:56 UTC 2017

Hi Paul!

I think it is great that we add talks to the events in the blog. Do you
have an account on the blog to do this? I can create that for you if you

Also another good idea in the events would be to use different tags. We
don't have that at the moment but I could add it if we want to.

Let me know!

Talk soon,

On 15/06/17 21:18, Paul Syverson wrote:
> Hi Hiro/Silvia,
> Not sure if you're the right person for this, but I was just looking
> at the new blog and wondering if talks I'm giving should be listed
> under upcoming events. I never had a clear idea/answer for the old
> blog and thought I might ask again now that the new one's up.
> I don't know who maintains that but thought
> I'd run it by you. If not you, hopefully someone cc'd can say
> aloha,
> Paul.
> In case these are useful
> Paul will serve on a panel on Restoring Personal Privacy without
> Compromising National Security at the ACM's 50th Anniversary
> Turing Award Celebration. June 23, 2017
> https://www.acm.org/turing-award-50/conference
> Paul will give a keynote talk at a Symposium on Philosophy and the Web
> at the International Association for Computers and Philosophy Annual
> Meeting (IACAP).
> June 26, 2017
> http://www.iacap.org/iacap-2017/
> Paul will give a keynote talk on onion services at the European
> Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS).
> September 12, 2017
> https://www.ntnu.edu/esorics2017
> On Thu, May 25, 2017 at 04:03:12PM +0200, Silvia [Hiro] wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> The new blog has been deployed and is now living on
>> https://blog.torproject.org as before.
>> If you find any bugs or issues please add to the master ticket:
>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/22013
>> Talk soon,
>> -hiro/silvia
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