[tor-project] Notes from June 15 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jun 16 09:07:47 UTC 2017

Notes for June 15 2017 meeting:

1) Attended the ISC Project Global Workshop in Washington D.C. with
Maria (25th & 26th May) where we facilitated the following sessions:
 - 90-minute OONI demo
 - Contributing to test lists & using data from OONI Explorer
 - Measuring internet blackouts
2) Updated the Cuba, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Azerbaijan test lists
3) Wrote a blog on our findings on recent censorship events in Egypt (we
hope to co-publish this with Access Now)
4) Facilitated OONI community meeting on IRC (and Slack) on 23rd May
5) Published Indonesia report
6) Deployed a beta of probe orchestration and preparing for releasing
part of probe orchestration as part of the upcoming ooniprobe mobile
release due end of month.

1) Finished our switch to the ESR52 train with the release of Tor
Browser 7.0.1/7.5a1; dealing with bug reports
2) Picking up Sponsor4 work not related to ESR52 transition (everyone on
the team knows the big items they are supposed to work on in the coming
3) Working on the browser developer job posting

1) Just returned from vacation.
2) Pushing out membership policy proposal on Monday.
3) My speaking engagements this week: TA3M, KPFT Houston
4) Otherwise, just playing catch up from my week off!

1) update on board meeting
2) update on strategic planning
3) I'm in San Francisco for EFF board meeting

1) Reminder: notes go to tor-project@ 12+ hours after the meeting,
unless there are objections.
2) Working on metrics-lib releases 1.9.0 and 2.0.0 this week and the
next for last remaining Sponsor X deliverable, ignoring pretty much
everything else.

1) Job post for TBB team is about to go out - starting drafting others
after that.
2) Organizing NSF work with Roger and network team (today at Wilmington!
had other meetings yesterday too)
3) sponsor4 may report / invoices updates to brad / following up on
payments for contractors and other small things
4) trying to finish 2017/18 update / finish tor launcher feature brief
update based on june 2nd meeting
5) Hiro is pretty much done with the blog (just missing applying a new
layout that ux team is creating) - next step will be to figure out the
trac and gitlab situation to know how to move forward. I am also working
on collecting new tasks for her.
6) Linda is working on the wireframes for tor launcher (manual flow
based on her paper suggestions) - she is also working on improvements on
blog post design/experience and on website redesign follow ups.
7) randomly helping the new peeps on different small tasks and trying to
get the onboarding wiki page done / Erin has been busy too, but we are
in touch and keeping notes on what else we have to add to this page
based on questions coming from tommy and stephanie

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