[tor-project] Notes from 31 July Network Team Meeting

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Mon Jul 31 23:59:58 UTC 2017

Hi, all!

We had another network team meeting today.  The log is at

Notes from the pad are below.

Network team pad, for 31 July Meeting (or 1 August, for those in UTC+5 or later)

Notes from last week's meeting:
    * https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2017-July/001323.html
      (Did we do what we had planned?)

Announcements and reminders:
    * Montréal hackfest pad is at

Things we should talk about:
    * Has there been progress on review-group-21 ?
    * I saw some coverity issues last week but no coverity master. Did
they get handled?
    * We should assign roles for August:
    * Isa wonders if we should pursue gitonion because of it not
working for folks who are using TB at high security level
    * What is blocking 0.3.1.x-stable?

Tasks for after the meeting:
    * nickm: fix tor_parse_long regression
    * everyone: take roles for august
    * everyone: answer on oniongit email thread!

teor (not online):
    Last week:
        * Worked with Nick on a spec and draft C code for PrivCount
blinding in production tor
        * Made crypto_rand_double() randomise all the mantissa bits,
and remove a slight bias #23061
        * Deploy experimental PrivCount for Single Onion Service counts
        * Start work on a circuit sampling feature for experimental
PrivCount, because python can be slow
    This week:
        * More PrivCount testing
        * Maybe re-deploy some additional experimental PrivCount features
        * Maybe get cell crypto working in endosome

    Last week:
        * Worked with Teor on getting the privcount blinding and
tabulation system into Tor. This simplifies privcount a lot because
events no longer need to get marshalled and unmarshalled, and makes
Tor expose much less information that it does now (or did, under
previous privcount branch)
        * Lots of code review on prop224 stuff.
        * Misc review and fixes
        * Merge workaround for some coverity madness; get rewarded
with 14 coverity issues; resolve 10 of them.
        * Delayed 0.3.1.x-stable by a month.

    This week:
        * More work on privcount: get spec draft finished with Teor;
share with other privcount people and with sponsor Q folks.
        * Try to finish review on 20657 (prop224 service-side stuff)
        * Release an 0.3.1.x-alpha
        * Other hacking TBD

  Last week:
    * Service implementation under review in #20657.
    * Client implementation++ in #17242. I've actually almost exclusively only
      worked on that.
    * Prop224 upstream bug opened: #23056
  This week:
    * Finalizing and hopefully putting #17242 in review for upstream.
    * Assisting asn as needed on nickm's review of #20657.

komlo (offline):
    This week:

* Refactoring and getting ready for code review for protover rust

* Thinking abuot creating a "intro to rust" coding exercise for the rust hackday

    Last week:
        Sponsor 8:
            - Went over Catalyst + Nick's control port proposal and looked into
              the control port protocol.
            - Created a wiki page for network team sponsor 8 planning/notes:
            - Wrapped my head around the Android emulator, but I doubt we will
              be able to use that for much metrics collections. The android-x86
              project might be more relevant here.
            - Got a test apk to run where I could test Android's "Doze"
            - Reviewed #23030, #22883, #22927, #22915, and #20247
            - Got a bit excited about asn+dgoulet's prop224 work and got a
              service running with an ircd to test it out.
    This week:
        Sponsor 4:
            - Fix remaining issues that is missing for Sponsor 4 and 0.3.1.
            - Write blog post about compression + consensus diff.
        Sponsor 8:
            - Look into Android-x86 for a "fast" non-device environment.
            - Start collecting "Doze" metrics from Orbot to see how we do.
            - (ahf, please document hwo to do the above stuff as you
go along, so that other folks can try it too? -nickm)
            - Traveling to SHA2017 at the end of the week.

  Last week:
   - Reviewed and tested more #20657 code.
   - Started fixing up prop224 service-side #20657 based on Nick's
review (about halfway there)
   - Started reviewing and testing David's client-side #17242 branch.
   - Some hackerone triaging.
  This week:
   - Finish up fixing #20657 branch.
   - Review and test the client-side branch.
   - Fix more prop224 bugs
   - Write some unittests for client-side prop224.

  Last week:
    - Finished tor patches for pinning layer2 and layer3 guards (#13837)
    - Started work on stem-based prop247 prototype/performance simulator
  This week:
    - Finish prop247 prototype; Start onionperf testing

    Last 2 weeks (2017-W29, 2017-W30):
        - moved house
        - looked into error reporting in test suite in #22636
        - started catching up on email and Trac
        - Tor launcher automation meeting
    This week (2017-W31):
        - await arrival of household furniture, etc.
        - write up some notes to follow up on Tor launcher stuff
        - file ticket for test suite error reporting issues i noticed
in #22636 and write up some of my observations about them
        - resume attempting to get chutney to do something useful to
simulate #20532

    last week:
        - reviewed #22885
        - revised my patch for showing info about cert expirations
#17639 and wrote a test for it
        - revised travis configs and got them merged #22636
        - fixed a whole lot of brokenness resulting from upgrading the
BridgeDB machine to Debian 9 (#22998 #23032 #23033 #23034)
    this week:
        - revising the new captcha server for moat #15967
        - working on standardisation and finishing up the crypto
needed for hyphae #22775
        - updating #16562 with notes from meeting with trevor and
reading the generalised edDSA specs/conversations

    Last week:
        - finished deliverables report for Sue
        - worked with Erin on onboarding wiki page (thanks for the
        - submitted modularization proposal and got contract for
sponsor8 proposal!
        - had meeting about tor launcher new design - trying to make
sure all teams/people related to it, coordinates between themselves
for networkers, TB team will give a wish list for part of the
experience that they have to build, so you can review and tell what is
possible what is not possible)
    This week:
        - july report for sponsor4
        - prep work for sponsor8
        - prep work for trac/git meeting (which got moved to August7!)
        - reminder about vacation time (august 7 till 14 - work on 15
- vacation again from august 16 till 21)

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