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replying below.

On 31/07/17 19:16, David Goulet wrote:
> On 31 Jul (19:28:59), teor wrote:
>>> On 31 Jul 2017, at 10:48, teor <teor2345 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Please let me know if you'd like to have an account on oniongit or if
>>>> you'd like to report any problems that you have found.
>>> A cypherpunks just complained that oniongit.eu requires JavaScript:
>>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/22542#comment:15
>>> I tested this on gitlab.com (I don't have an oniongit account), and it
>>> is impossible to use GitLab without JavaScript on. (I can log in, but
>>> 2FA doesn't work, and neither does the issue tracker.)
>> A follow-up:
>> This likely makes it impossible for search engines to index our bug
>> tracker.
> Gitlab bugs work without JS, you just can't really interact with them. Here is
> an example from Riseup Gitlab that I found through Google which is indexing
> the content.
> https://0xacab.org/riseup/0xacab/issues/5
> I do share the concern that anyone without JS can't comment or open a ticket
> with Gitlab... We'll suffer through that for all possible solutions we want
> :S...

+1 on this.

> I personally do enable JS on trac.tpo voluntarily so I'm "fine" with it but
> that doesn't really matter for the rest reporting bugs :S... I recall also
> someone reviewing some HS code and wasn't able to use Gitlab because
> javascript and wasn't super pleased but understood the need for the review
> tool. The review code tool, people will have to suffer through it (including
> us) with javascript but I'm less easy with "reporting a bug requires JS" ...
> This is maybe something we could start talking with Gitlab people on if they
> could make it that someone can open and comment on a ticket without js to the
> cost of losing some fancy functionnality such has "tagging with 4k emojis".
> Although, I kind of have little hope there...

If we really want this, I could get in touch with gitlab people or even
see if I could provide a patch to have gitlab work withou JS.

Talk more soon,

> Cheers!
> David
>> Trac is indexed fine by search engines. Although badly-coded bots
>> sometimes create excess load.
>> T
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