[tor-project] Notes from July 13 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jul 14 08:51:10 UTC 2017

Notes for July 13 2017 meeting:

1) We ran the OONI Partner gathering in Toronto and it went well.
2) Now attending CLSI where we have many OONI Sessions

1) About to submit the Sappi graphic design grant for making LFP posters
2) Need to start creating the schedule for the Tor Meeting
3) Working on code of conduct draft with Catalyst
4) Putting finishing touches on support wiki, writing blog post for it
5) Organized meeting for support team
6) A few members of the community team lost a bunch of data stored on
Sandstorm, appears to be unrecoverable :(
7) Phoul continues to work with Trusteer to solve issues with blocking
Tor Browser/Firefox ESR
8) I'd like to start organizing the Tor meeting schedule next week

1) Put out CollecTor 1.2.0 release, started working on 1.3.0, to be
released by end of the month.
2) Worked on a specification of sanitized bridge descriptors.
3) Will be working on MOSS final report and blog post over the next very
few weeks.

1) Reports and invoices:  finished june report for sponsor4 - sent out
last invoice for MOSS, got back from them a request for final report and
blog post Brad: Is Sponsor 4 ready to invoice now?
2) Working on NSF reports - met with Brad yesterday - got a little
blocked because of storm issue but started working on pads for each NSF
grant to collect report information.
3) working with Linda on website redesign - preparing the tpo
information architecture doc so we don't loose track when building
wireframs. We got comms team looped in in the project now. For July
Linda will continue to work on the website wireframes+organzing
content/functions; update tor launcher wireframes and organize user
testing for onion browser onboarding project
4) working with hiro on issue tracker 'benchmarking' table (requirements
from survey, vs gitlab and trac has to offer). Hiro is also working on
the grant pipeline form and on remaining tor blog tasks.
5) long pending stuff that i never get to finish - tor launcher feature
brief update, growth strategy update - hope to get to those :(
[Sandboxing planning, Tor Messenger strategy; just two things that might
be missing on your list :) GeKo] ! true and PT POC
6) will be at PETS next week o/

1) Preparing for bug bounty launch: Tor blog post, H1 q&a blog post,
coordination with H1 on press outreach, OTF will support on social
media. Projected launch date: next Thurs
2) Finalizing newsletter, will likely send by Tues. Running a lot of
tests with Civi
3) Upcoming content: bug bounty, safety hierarchy of diff ways to access
Tor, Tor 6 mos metrics, sha2017
4) Tommy and I have joined website redesign convo, adding commments.
Copy to come later
5) Maintaing consistent posts on FB (at least 1/day), twitter (3-6/day),
linkedin (1/week). Analytics up over the past month.

1) All's well with the network team afaict.
2) Trying to get everything straightened out with timesheets, expenses,
etc. Thanks to Brad and Sue for all their help! (Am I supposed to
confirm that expenses/travel were preapproved?) Brad: I verify proper
approval before we issue expense reimbursement. No need to confirm on
your end, but please note any concerns you have re: lack of proper
approval and/or potentially unallowable charges during your review
(Nick: Thanks, Brad!)
3) Roger -- please look at Taylor's notes wrt sponsor3 and let us know
if we're on the wrong track?
4) Done with massive ticket triage and labeling on tor: unspecified.
Started to sponsor-label some of our tickets
5) At PETS next week.

1) I Helped with the bug bounty launch planning
2) I worked on moving the browser dev hiring forward (we are almost
ready to start with the coding tasks)
3) Isa -- Where are we with the job postings for the mobile work?
[Question: would the description of the current browser dev be the same
for the mobile work?] [not exactly. we could certainly reuse parts but
we need to add mobile specific things (knowledge of Java might certainly
be a good thing; experience with mobile development as well etc.)]
4) Did we figure out the timesheet management questions? <- we are still
working on it

1) Closing the books and performing final review for fiscal year-end
2) Completed final steps of conversion to ADP for US-based payroll
processing (first paycheck is July 14)
3) Updating grant/contract sub-ledgers to reflect budget-to-actuals
through June 30
4) Gathering info to assist arma with annual reports due for Sponsors M,
V, 2 & 3
6) Creating detailed travel budget for Montreal meeting based on invite
7) Working with Jon to overhaul spreadsheet he uses to track attendees
for Montreal meeting
8) PETS meeting next week: should we expect to receive any large
invoices that are to be paid out of TPI's PETS fund?

1) Helping with the Tor Browser hiring
2) Emailing researchers about changes to padding code and fixing bugs
3) Meeting with folks at PETS next week

1) Lots of loose ends requiring bits of my attention.
2) Working on final report for donation database.
3) Worked with Jon to get invitations out; can we send the last ones?
4) Answering lots of questions for MDF general operating grant.
5) I have to answer DRL questions.
6) mikeperry, did you see my email about Mozilla/Amazon? Please respond
to it about whether you'll be around to help!

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