[tor-project] Humble Bundle!

Shari Steele ssteele at torproject.org
Tue Jan 17 23:01:02 UTC 2017

Hey Griffin.

> On Jan 17, 2017, at 2:50 PM, Griffin Boyce <griffin at cryptolab.net> wrote:
>  So I was buying some video games (as you do) and decided to check if Tor was one of the charities supported by the Humble Bundle.  Turns out Tor *is*, so I set my preferences to always select Tor by default when buying games there.

Yay, thanks for your support!

> 1) It was a little surprising because I'd not heard any recent updates on this.
> 2) It's cool that Humble Bundle allows default orgs.
> 3) Someone should tweet this from the official account! :D
> 3b) Or maybe I missed an update on this ^_^;;

It’s actually a bit less thrilling than this.  The Humble Bundle pulls its charity list from the PayPal Giving Fund.  It took some finagling (thanks, Jon!), but we finally got the Tor Project properly added to this list a couple of months ago, and then it took a bit of time for Tor Project to show up as one of the selections.  So there wasn’t a special day when we all of a sudden became a Humble Bundle charity.

That said, I don’t see any downside to tweeting about selecting the Tor Project when you purchase Humble Bundles from the official Tor Twitter account.  :)

> best,
> Griffin
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