[tor-project] Network team meeting notes from 21 August

Nick Mathewson nickm at freehaven.net
Tue Aug 22 17:59:16 UTC 2017

Hello, all!

We had a meeting yesterday.  Logs at


Notes below:

Network team meeting, 21 August 2017 (1700 UTC)

Announcements and requests:
    - review-group-22 !!!!!1!
    - Out this week: mikeperry, isis, ahf, maybe isabela will miss the meeting
    - Less than one month in 0.3.2.x merge window
    - Maybe review the Montreal meeting schedule I just did this
morning? [dgoulet]

    - Last week:
        * Holidays in sunny northern Australia
        * endosome can do bidirectional circuit crypt and digest, next
stop, streams! [asn:https://github.com/teor2345/endosome]
    - This week:
        * Catch up on emails
        * Catch up on PrivCount in Tor
        * Re-plan PrivCount Experimental for the next few months, as
the last release went over time

  Last week:
   - We got #20657 merged upstream! That's a huge part of prop224!!!
   - Fixed a few bugs in the client-side branch (#17242) and it's now
in needs_review for Nick. See #17242 for more details.
   - Found a few more #20657 bugs and fixed them in branch
`ticket20657_032_05`. Also addressed #23110 as part of it.  See last
comment of #17242 for more
   - Pushed fix for #23233 -- bug found by haxxpop.
   - Updated the prop224 upstreaming pad with the latest
tickets/branches: https://pad.riseup.net/p/LPVY6AL_prop224_upstreaming
  This week:
   - This week will be more prop224 testing, debugging and bug fixing.
We know there are a few more bugs on our prop224 codebase that we need
to fix and this is a good time to hunt them down.
   - Address any review points by Nick on #17242 etc.
   - I will be AFK tomorrow and most of Wednesday. Will be back on Thursday.

  Last week:
    - Away on vacation
    - Hacked up HTTP CONNECT support #22407
    - Tried to say constructive things about censorship, speech, and technology.
  This week:
    - Review lots of things.
    - Another 0.3.1.x release? rc?
    - Catch up on emails
    - Write proposals about authority refactoring
    - Maybe, write a proposal about TLS 1.3
    - Try to schedule a privcount-in-tor meeting. (first, get
privcount designers + implementors. Then invite everyone else.)
    - Finish up event and error list for torlauncher improvements (w catalyst)

  Last week:
    - Vacation
    - I found ourselves an Ubuntu packager! :D
      [progress]: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tor/+bug/1710753
  This week:
    - Catch up on all the things.
    - Review #17242
    - Do some more prop224 testing and bug fixing
    - Give some love to 031/032 bugs

    last week:
    this week:
        - I wont be at the meeting because I am still on vacation but
back tomorrow (tues 22)
        - I have a question to the team regarding mcs/brade wish list
for Tor Launcher progres bar:
https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-client-progress / TB team needs to start
building the new experience: https://marvelapp.com/3f6102d so we need
to know: 1. What the network team can do on this list? and 2. how long
it will take?
        - I also have a question to isis (but I know they won't be
online till after the
22nd)re:https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/15967 which is
another dependency the TB team has in order to build that experience.
(obs: their deadline to build it is EOM November).
        - Once I am back from vacation I plan on picking up some
sponsor4 reports of completed deliverables
        - Got an answer from Nick re:PT community meeting organized by
Internews in Boston. I will ask them what days are more important for
us to participate to see how we can do it.

    Last week (2017-W33):
        - bug triage
        - HR stuff
        - digging into bootstrap progress reporting
        - blog post fallout (#23270)
        - wrote some hopefully helpful things on membership proposal
thread (+1 --dgoulet)
    This week (2017-W34):
        - more work on bootstrap/PT progress reporting

    - Porting forward cell tracing code dgoulet originally wrote in
order to rerun KIST experiments with the KIST we intend to merge
    - I now want to take up dgoulet on his offer to let me unload KIST
review responsibility. I'll always be around for questions, of course.
       - KIST ticket is #12541

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