[tor-project] Notes from September 22 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Sep 26 08:06:22 UTC 2016

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Notes for September 22 2016 meeting:

1) Deliverables for mid-oct looks -- hard. Still, we will try. Some
may get implemented in Oct, but land in 0.3.0  :(
2) Are we out in front of funding?
3) I have maybe 10 hours of work time left pre-leaving-for-meeting.
What should I do?
4) Need an 028.

1) Lots of getting ready for the big meeting next week.
2) Hosting Linda and Isa, who arrived yesterday.  :)

1) Tor Meeting Public Days!
1a) Kate and Alison are doing outreach now.
1b) Still working on project ideas for new people for the public hack
days. We may have a better sense of these by the end of the core meeting.
2) Tor Meeting Core Contributor Days!
2a) Roadmapping sessions: possibly Tuesday morning review previous
roadmap or work we've done in the last six months, Tuesday afternoon
deep team work that ends in a roadmapping session? Sounds like this
conflicts with what Isa has planned for Thursday so we will work it
out together and report back.
2b) gunner and I are working out the agenda based on the emails and
agenda suggestions on the wiki
3) Community team members are working on the metrics for relay
operators project, updating the Tor brochures, creating the Rapid
Response (to censorship events) program, and the support platform
(including all related stuff like building out a glossary and
finishing up the Tor manual). We hope to get a lot of work done on all
of these next week!

1) Continuing to work on the Stop Mass Hacking Act. Awareness is
spreading, but senators only care about phone calls and voice mails.
How can we translate retweets into phone calls?
2) Multiple upcoming articles in the media about Tor (onion services,
film with Nick in it, etc.)
3) Nice blog post by George about Donncha's Onion Balance software
4) Firefox vulnerability: PR fallout fell our way because of
user-focused, quick action from GeKo and others to put out a new
version of the browser asap.

1) Worked on even shinier Shiny prototype, this time with Tor Browser
downloads/updates by platform, channel, and locale:
2) Had a roadmapping session with iwakeh to plan the upcoming 6--9
months for the metrics team.
3) Question about Sponsor X: Should we prioritize finishing tasks in
order to invoice for them early, or can we plan tasks and subtasks to
do urgent things first even if that means completing more tasks
towards the end?  (Answer from Shari: do the urgent things first.)

1) Worked on the emergency 6.0.5 release and related fallout
2) Continuing mainly SponsorU work

1) What's the story on our blog replacement plan?
2) I have spent the last while paying my dues (our dues, I guess) on
having so many NSF grants. It looks like there's more work coming
after this work, so I should think about how to get people lined up
for delegating things to them.

1) Mostly recovered from my laptop failure (Now running Qubes - Yay!),
but behind on lots of things I wanted to get done before the Tor
meeting :/

1) Linda started! we met and set up a plan for her first two months
2) OONI proposal to DRL metrics grant has been submitted
3) working on OTF report and on their feedback to our grant proposal
4) preparing teams meetings for dev meeting (i am behind with the
applications team one :/)
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