[tor-project] Notes from September 15 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Sep 19 06:56:03 UTC 2016

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See this posting for context:


Notes for September 15 2016 meeting:

1) Back online but single-mindedly focusing on NSF (SponsorM) site
visit, send me a fresh mail if you need anything.

1) Tons of deliverables between now and end-of-oct. Going to be busy.
Adding extra work is deprecated.
2) Timeline for hiring?
  A: Grant manager asap, then techies once next big grant approved.
3) To do (or discuss at meeting): we need somebody directing our
infosec. How? Budget?
4) Topic for meeting: project-wide software security policy.
5) Topic for meeting: we need to brainstorm stuff in advance for
future proposals.
6) annual/biannual reviews?

1) Trying to get a reporter to film herself starting a Tor middle relay
2) More blog posts on the way--For instance, will publish the one that
Nathan and I and others wrote about being safe while using mobile
3) Blogged about Rule41  (which will allow FBI hacking unless Congress
acts) and am using social media to raise awareness of issue and get
ppl to call their Senators (will roll out plan for non-US people soon
but for now: retweet! retweet!)
4) Last night I linked a subplot on Mr. Robot (Elliot hacks the FBI)
to the fact that the FBI is about to hack us—got lots of people to
call their US Senators, lots of attention to the Stop Mass Hacking
Act, 300,000 Twitter impressions, 450 retweets, and 65 new Twitter
followers. --Will follow up with what you can do if you are not from
the USA
5) Will be in SF for the week after the dev meting and am lining up
meetings with policy folks and reporters. Let me know if there’s
someone you think I should meet—am also going to stop by NOiseBridge.
6) We have PhotoShop and Illustrator—all hail Shari and Jon and Erin -
Thank you!

1) Tor meeting agenda planning continues -- lots of ideas from meeting
attendees. Will share summary with the group after gunner, Shari, and
I meet on Monday.
2) Nima finally has all info for the public hack days and is making a
flyer for outreach. We're only sending it out digitally -- Twitter and
email -- because we don't have a ton of capacity for this, especially
on Saturday and Sunday.
3) We need some people to act as point persons on the Saturday and
Sunday hackdays. I'm trying to figure out who these people could be. I
can do it Friday, but then I leave Seattle.
4) Community team is working on the "metrics for relay ops" project
and on improving communication with relay ops generally.
5) Colin is nearly finished the support manual and will have a blog
post ready for review soon. Other support stuff being worked on:
glossary, FAQ, and platform for support.torproject.org. We'll have
some things to share at the meeting.
6) I didn't get enough people to commit to doing the Tor event at
Aaron Swartz Day (in SF in November) so I emailed Lisa Rein to say we
should probably give that time to someone else. -- wait, maybe we can
actually be there. I will circle back with Lisa about this.

1) Prep for dev meeting - organizing team meetings; organize Linda's
onboard -> will email the ux list today announcing her, got a quote
from her too. Should i fwd to tor internal as well?
2) Guidelines are out -- working on collecting feedback from the
community and preparing for dev meeting session
3) working on wireframes for metrics and something for orfox project
too (ISC above) so when FE dev comes in we can speed up process
4) Interviewed ppl for the services admin position from ford
foundation grant
5) replying to giant rabbit requests - review design, get server set
up etc

1) Was in Berlin for the meetup. I think it was a success on many levels
2) Dealt with release preparations and trying to get as much stuff
into the upcoming alpha as possible
3) We should think about possible talks for 33c3

1) Helped organize and attended the Berlin meetup.  Discussed many
things, including ExoneraTor with Sebastian, webstats with GeKo and
boklm, and metrics plans with iwakeh and others.
2) Helped with job interviews for a service admin position.
3) Set up a new visualization
(https://tor-metrics.shinyapps.io/webstats/) using Shiny, which is "an
open source [...] web framework for building web applications using
R".  This is one possible future of the Tor Metrics website, but we're
not there yet.

1) Updated my android work to the new release of copperhead based on
Android Nougat. Seems mostly working still. Some minor annoying snags
remain, though.

1) Getting ready for Tor meeting.
2) Getting ready for two board meetings at the Tor meeting.
3) Working with Giant Rabbit on getting our donation database ready
for end-of-year fundraising.
Comment: GPGTools - http://gpgtools.org


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