[tor-project] meek blocked in China since 2016-10-19 (or not)

Arturo Filastò art at torproject.org
Tue Nov 15 10:25:13 UTC 2016

> On Nov 15, 2016, at 02:53, David Fifield <david at bamsoftware.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 02:51:22PM -0700, David Fifield wrote:
>> https://bugs.torproject.org/20495
>> It looks like meek has been blocked in China since about 2016-10-19.
>> (See the red line in the attached graph.)
>> I didn't get any reports or anything; I just happened to check the
>> graph.
>> I tried but have not yet been able to reproduce any blocking by making
>> HTTPS requests from a measurement location in China.
> Some time has passed and this no longer looks like a block by China to
> me. For one thing, there was a simultaneous drop in many countries, not
> only China:
> https://bugs.torproject.org/20495#comment:5
> And on November 10, there was a simultaneous increase to previous
> levels:
> https://bugs.torproject.org/20495#comment:7

For what it’s worth it seems like OONI data also confirms that the domains used by meek for cloudfronting don’t appear to be blocked
in China on 2016-11-07:



Unfortunately we don’t have data from the 2016-10-19 period.

~ Arturo

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