[tor-project] Notes from April 28 2016 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Wed May 4 10:09:48 UTC 2016

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Notes for Apr 28 2016 meeting:

1) We worked on our Tor Browser releases and got them out.
2) In the next weeks we will work on stabilizing ESR45 based code for
the 6.0 stable release being due in about 4 weeks.
3) I worked on a replacement/change for our OTF sandbox deliverable.

1) Facebook press: Coordinated closely with Alec Muffett from
Facebook; published simple press release; spoke to TechCrunch and
Daily Dot; got a flood of positive press from other outlets based on
Alec's short Facebook blog post.
2) Edman media strategy and statement (on statement: conferred with
colleagues, drafted statement with Shari, fact checked with Roger,
Nick and others, sent to Daily Dot reporter.)
3) Reviewed bug report for Nick
4) Met with Nick and Shari on media issues.
5) Coordinated interviews with Daily Dot (Facebook article, article on
Edman, also article on Internet censorship), Motherboard (CloudFlare),
Forbes (Exit relays and Seattle raid) PBS (for Internet
documentary--Nick is being interviewed tomorrow), Gizmodo interview
with Shari, WBAI radio interview for Shari, spoke to Wired about new
Iranian satellite service that distributes Tor software and animation
as well as Tails.
6) Spoke to Jake--all is going very well on his trip to island nation;
talk went well, he met with only local Tor relay operator and made
contacts with local internet freedom community.
7) Published second issue of newsletter for funders and external
nontechnical audiences who aren't following Tor closely (different
from TWN).
8) Met with nontechnical volunteer David to discuss work.
9) Social media: Tweeting and posting to Facebook.
10) Worked on onion services fact sheet which includes examples of
good uses of onion services - still needs work.
11) Want to participate in collaboration with health clinic using
onion service to share sensitive info with patients, etc.; asking Tor
for a letter indicating we want to collaborate. Requires short "we are
collaborating" letter from Shari.

1) Talked to Kevin and Matt about the blog. Matt gave us some
technical suggestions related to avoiding logging IPs.
2) Figuring out how to handle an OTF about a deliverable with Georg
and Isa.

1) There will be some work to onboard Jon. Need somebody to spin him
up on PGP/XMPP/something so I can start sending him passwords he will
2) Handling transition stuff from Katherine's and Tom's departure.
This includes email wrangling.
3) Got a UDRP complaint from Joker. Need to send them faxes. Will do
on Monday.
4) End-of-month process for deliverables seems to be going well; we
will find that we had lots of stuff that just couldn't get finished by
5) Will be distracted today and tomorrow preparing for interview for
internet history documentary; more good work to come in May.
6) Bug retrospective seems very promising; we should maybe spread the
other practice so that other teams to do stuff like this.
7) Will try very hard not to be working this weekend. My stress levels
are up, and I need to unwind.
8) Helping Isa with reports has gotten easier since we started getting
better about tracking sponsors.
9) Haven't made progress migrating us away from SVN for a while.
10) Have made a tiny bit of progress trying code review tools.
11) Hoping that TBB 6.0a5 comes out today so users can test the tor in in.

1) Waiting on a couple of things from Sue Abt:
   * a) W9 for OONI to get the money for their grant
   * b) Finance report for sponsorT
2) need to apply changes on how we are reporting things to DRL - they
requested this from everyone at the implementers meeting. Done so far:
   * clean up of the narrative report - need review from Roger (PT
part), Nick(Testing part), Shari?(Outreach part) - by review I mean
facts (if I missed anything) and English :)
   * initiated conversation on how to simplify our F-Indicators
reports - we have 3 different sets going on... is a big mess that I
inherited :(
   * plan on building a M&E for our project with them
   * start to look at what is needed to get our extension going for
sponsorS contract - to make sure it ends on the right date (EOQ3)
3) working today with Mike on OTF full proposal (2/3 is done already)
- -- plan to get it to Roger to give it a LaTex beauty magic by EOW
(Chad said is ok to submit it by first week of May)
4) working with Mike and Geko on negotiating with OTF to change a
deliverable on our contract
5) working with Nick and Yawning - on defining deliverables for
Yawning to work on so we can build a contract with him
6) Richard Brooks want to write a SOI to DRL for a project with he
GENI network where we can deploy VMs on it for PT testing, or to run
bridges etc - is it useful for us? Do we want to do it?

1) finishing up OTF proposal for Torservers.net (worked with Juris and
Moritz and other Torservers folks) which aims to build community
capacity for Tor relay operators.
2) Kate will put Alison in touch with Forbes reporter who is writing
about relay operator stuff2. Started conversation with EFF folks about
a community response to CloudFlare issues.
3) Community docs that are still slowly being worked on: social
contract, membership doc, and support docs. Alison has had a very very
busy two weeks of trainings! But after this week, the membership doc
and social contract have been bumped up in priority.
4) Still working to grow the community team! a few more activists and
folks on Tor-teachers mailing list have reached out to me, so I hope
soon to have a critical mass.

1) Not much to report this week.  Trying to keep team members
productive by responding to questions and reviewing patches.  The
CollecTor improvement project is going really well.
2) Globe retirement is going okay.  We're creating a list of things to
add to Atlas before dumping Globe, but I don't see any major blockers
3) Created a graph or two for this week's Sponsor R event.

1) This is the last week for Tom and Katherine as Tor Project
contractors. We need to offboard them and wish them the best.
Hopefully they'll remain active in the Tor community.
2) A lot of new people have started here, and the Seattle office is
rocking. I’m planning to send a personnel note around tomorrow to
tor-internal. Will include new office contact information.
3) Sent note to DRL about uncoupling TorDev from IFF. Expect to hear
back from them this week.
4) We have close to a draft anti-discrimination/anti-harassment policy
finished. I will run it by the Vegas team and then distribute to

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