[tor-project] BWAuth Relay Count Declining

Tom Ritter tom at ritter.vg
Sun Mar 27 14:12:22 UTC 2016

For the past several days the number of relays measured by my bwuath
(whose data is given my maatuska)  have been slowly declining.
Originally I had an alert when it was below 8800, a few days I noticed
it going below that. By today it's decreased to below 8700 to 8664.

It's not the lowest bwauth measuring, but I don't see anything
obviously wrong with my bwauth to indicate the decline. (The number I
mentioned is number of lines in the bwscan.V3BandwidthsFile file, not
the measured relays that make it into the consensus - but the
comparison I just made did use the consensus count.)

I wanted to send this email as a potential advance notice; but also
ask if there had been any discussion of the bwauth system in Valencia,
and if there is any current planned improvements in it.


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