[tor-project] TV producer seeks ordinary Tor use case

Kate Krauss kate at torproject.org
Thu Mar 24 21:04:53 UTC 2016

Paul Syverson:
> Hi Kate,
> On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 08:25:36PM +0000, Kate Krauss wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm working with a TV producer who is doing a three-hour film about the
>> history of the Internet and wants to Interview someone in the US who
>> uses Tor for a sort of every-day use case unrelated to the information
>> security field (person avoiding stalking? Looking at your business competitor?  
>> I have a few people but she's not that interested in
>> them. Can you think of anyone who would be good? It seems like a
>> promising film. I'm planning to refer them to LFP but would like to see
>> what I can do to identify other people as well.
> It would help when trying to think of acceptable suggestions for
> people to know the ones she turned down (or if you don't want to say
> specifically, a rough description of the types of users that she
> rejected and anything she might have said about why).
> One thought that comes to mind off the top of my head is Glenn
> Sorrentino, the guy that Griffin and I used as an example in our paper
> in IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine (due out any time now) on onion
> addresses. He does product design (http://www.glennsorrentino.com/ )
> and discoveverd that his website hosting provider blocks Tor, so he
> set up an onionsite http://at3o24mj2rfabkca.onion/ of it and followed
> our advice about binding the sites using PGP. (Isis and others also do
> that, but I'm guessing she doesn't count for the reasons you said.)
> Cf. http://www.glennsorrentino.com/onion-binding.php (Note that the
> paper he points to in the note is an earlier and IMO less complete
> or compelling paper than the forthcoming one I just mentioned.)
> I assume you were looking for clients using Tor rather than people
> setting up onionsites, but maybe they would like this as another
> example for reasons they had not yet considered.
> aloha,
> Paul

I think they want someone in the US they can follow around who uses Tor
for what they consider an interesting use case that fits the idea, "Tor
is for everyone!":

So maybe:

A domestic violence survivor
Social worker who uses Tor at work to keep files secure
Someone whose job is corporate intelligence?
Some other business-related reason to use Tor


A pen tester
Someone who is an infosec researcher
Not someone being racial profiled by the FBI
Nothing related to non-US human rights
Nothing related to crime
Someone not in the US (it's an American show and it is typical for
reporters to want to interview someone from their country)

We have lots of use cases but need actual users we can refer reporters
to--thanks for your ideas :)




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