[tor-project] Moderation for new tor-users@ mailing list

Peter Palfrader weasel at torproject.org
Fri Mar 11 08:18:06 UTC 2016

On Thu, 10 Mar 2016, Moritz Bartl wrote:

> Weasel, what's the status of those moderation scripts, and what kind of
> suggestions do you have on moving that forward? Sorry that I didn't want
> to talk about it back in Valencia when you wanted to, but I really
> wasn't in the right mood... Can you dig them up so I can have a look? Do
> you want to run them on TPI infrastructure? Do you wnt me to run them on
> mine?

The imap folders thing never existed.  We would have to set that up from

What I had in the past at OFTC was the following:
 - all incoming mail gets to the auto moderator
 - automod feeds mail into spamassassin.
 - obvious ham gets auto-approved
 - obvious spam gets auto-dropped
 - all other mail is forwarded to all the human moderators.

 - human moderators *bounce* the mail to either accept@ or reject@
   and the system then makes mailman things happen.  a copy
   of this mail is sent to all the other moderators, so they know the
   mail has been processed.

Drawbacks of this setup is that it requires people who know how to
handle mail and have a mail client that is easily configurable.  Else
they will be sad.  If you don't thread the mod inbox, you will miss the
"has been processed mail".  If you can't bounce messages, you can't
moderate at all.  If you can't map bouncing to two addresses to two
different keys for the mod-folder, you will be very sad real quick.

To work around those drawbacks I suggested to maybe use a shared imap
folder, and replace bouncing mail with moving it to one of two folders.

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