[tor-project] Ethics Guidelines; crawling .onion

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) - lists lists at infosecurity.ch
Thu Jul 28 14:54:27 UTC 2016

On 7/27/16 7:17 PM, Virgil Griffith wrote:
> We have a verdict on the renaming of
> Tor2web: http://lists.ghserv.net/pipermail/tor2web-talk/2016-July/000166.html
> Although we dislike changing a name we've had for six proud years, we
> recognize the concern.  Let it never be said we are disagreeable.
> In the spirit of harmony, we hereby take the name "OnionAccess".
> We request confirmation of acceptability of said name.

It's doable, we may take the occasion to "revamp" the tor2web website
(still a bit outdated) with such a new name along the "project github".

The software is pretty stable and have many deployments, not only for
general public onion access but also for simple-to-be-deployed
https-to-onion proxy for single websites.

We shall see the time and effort to handle the rebranding, we need to
check if/how it's possible to manage the change of package name too, or
if only work in terms of "public presence and project name".

Tor2web is a long standing project that we keep alive, slowly but
actively developed, and it's a real challenge for anyone that wanted to
play with it, as it face the reality of the frictions between the
"internet world" and the "onion land" (and i got personally blacklisted
as "person non grata" by multiple hosting company due to that) ;-)

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