[tor-project] Ethics Guidelines; crawling .onion

Virgil Griffith i at virgil.gr
Wed Jul 27 17:17:13 UTC 2016

We have a verdict on the renaming of Tor2web:

Although we dislike changing a name we've had for six proud years, we
recognize the concern.  Let it never be said we are disagreeable.

In the spirit of harmony, we hereby take the name "OnionAccess".

We request confirmation of acceptability of said name.


On Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 3:33 AM, Virgil Griffith <i at virgil.gr> wrote:

> > And when the name of the service is "Tor2web", it's hard to dissociate
> it
> > from Tor.
> I thought about this claim that the word "Tor" in "Tor2web" has
> connotations of high-privacy.  And (obviously) Tor2web doesn't have those
> privacy guarantees.
> My first reaction to this was: What part of the "2web" didn't you
> understand?  We're the Tor, you're the web.  That's why it's "Tor2web".  I
> do not know how to express this setup any less ambiguously.
> But moving beyond that initial reaction, if using the word "Tor" here is
> a social sticking point, okay sure---let's change it!  How about something
> suitably banal like "Onionproxy"?  Tor2web is obviously bigger than me and
> we'll have to discuss the renaming.  But I think we'll find something
> acceptable that doesn't contain the word "Tor".  Does this constitute a
> step-forward?
> -V
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