[tor-project] Ethics Guidelines; crawling .onion

Virgil Griffith i at virgil.gr
Mon Jul 25 19:33:34 UTC 2016

> And when the name of the service is "Tor2web", it's hard to dissociate it
> from Tor.

I thought about this claim that the word "Tor" in "Tor2web" has
connotations of high-privacy.  And (obviously) Tor2web doesn't have those
privacy guarantees.

My first reaction to this was: What part of the "2web" didn't you
understand?  We're the Tor, you're the web.  That's why it's "Tor2web".  I
do not know how to express this setup any less ambiguously.

But moving beyond that initial reaction, if using the word "Tor" here is
a social sticking point, okay sure---let's change it!  How about something
suitably banal like "Onionproxy"?  Tor2web is obviously bigger than me and
we'll have to discuss the renaming.  But I think we'll find something
acceptable that doesn't contain the word "Tor".  Does this constitute a

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