[tor-project] Save the date: Berlin meetup Sep 9 - Sep 11

dawuud dawuud at riseup.net
Fri Jul 8 16:41:55 UTC 2016

Hi Sajolida,
Hi tor-project mailing list,

Certainly it is dissappointing that the tor-dev meeting will not be in Europe this time.

I live in Berlin and if you come to the Berlin meetup
we can chat about little-t tor's broken control port security
model and how filter daemons like roflcoptor fix this problem.

I'm also working on a couple of projects to gather metrics about
the tor network.

hmm what else?

- Tails might be interested to know about the
Tahoe-LAFS tor integration and the Magic-Folder project + GridSync GUI projects.

- tor integration related features for Subgraph OS. We're working on improvements to fw-daemon
and oz.


> Hi, would it make sense for someone from Tails to attend? Do you have
> more info about the content and objectives of the meetup?
> I'm also not sure what tor-meeting is about, but if you think that it
> would also make sense for someone from Tails to be there, feel free to
> subscribe me (or I can do it myself if it's open).
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