[tor-project] HOPE XI - January 11th, CFP opens

David Goulet dgoulet at ev0ke.net
Tue Feb 16 22:08:34 UTC 2016

On 09 Jan (15:19:18), David Goulet wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> On monday, the HOPE conference in NY happening on July 22-24 will open
> its CFP.
> I will attend this event for which I think it's a great place to reach
> hackers, activist, journalist and so on in North America. I know some of
> you are planning also which is great. But I feel like we should also try
> to submit a talk there. In the last two (4 years time), there were no
> Tor talk at all.
> There are plenty of subject we can talk about but I would also like not
> to repeat the 32c3 talks (at least not word for word). So, here it is, a
> thread so we can think about it.
> Something that could be cool is: "I'm a Tor directory authority and here
> how that works." or <insert idea>.
> I'm happy to "coordinate" this CFP effort if we think it's a good idea
> and we want to do it. So knowing who is going and who is willing to
> speak would be good :). I offer my service for that but it DOES NOT have
> to be me necessarly (also the more the merrier).

Ok thanks all for the comments and offers for help! I've had helped from Nima
here on this first draft of a talk at HOPE "a la State of the Onion" but not
being that talk bit for bit.


I'm also juggling with the idea of submitting a second talk on much more
technical things because oh my we have so many things to say and there are
lots of very curious, knowledgeable and wise people at HOPE on the technical
side. Here are two ideas for a talk.

1) Directory Authority

Again, as I said in an previous email on that thread, this is a very
interesting subject in my opinion and could be fascinating in many ways.
Uncover this black box of Tor.

2) Onion "Hidden" Service

Classic but with the upcoming next generation work is a big step forward in
fixing lots of issues of the current system. We'll also have me, special and
possibly asn at HOPE which is a good crowd for a hs talk :). Furthermore, by
the end of July, we'll have made progress on that front.

Please, cast your vote 1) or 2)? In all seriousness, the input from anyone
will be useful here so we don't end up doing something uberly too complicated
with a 55 minutes talk or even worse, very boring. Also, "a second talk is not
needed" is also a valid answer if you think so.

(HOPE has yet announced details for a "booth" so pending...)

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