[tor-project] I'm offline Aug 29 - Sep 13

Roger Dingledine arma at mit.edu
Wed Aug 24 05:46:19 UTC 2016

Hi everybody,

Here's a reminder that I'll be offline Aug 29 - Sep 13 inclusive. And I
mean actually offline with no devices. So if there's something critical
that you need me to do before I disappear, now is a great time to remind
me of it.

Items on my current high priority todo list:

* Get the SponsorM (NSF) annual report in, so the program manager can
have a chance to review it and tell us what changes she wants. I'll
aim to coordinate with somebody smart to cover for me while I'm gone
in case they throw some surprise last-minute time-critical questions at
us. Based on past experience there is a good chance they will. :(

* Get the SponsorV (NSF) annual report in, if Micah Sherr (prof at
Georgetown who is ) finishes his first draft of it in time.

* Get the "here are the tickets and stuff that we did for year 2" list
to SponsorR so they can pay us for year 2 and so they can start the
paperwork for year 3.

* Try to get my upcoming travel under control, along with expenses and
reimbursements. Aren't logistics fun!

* Follow up to Shari about some future funding opportunities and
whether they match our mission enough for us to go for them.

* What else am I missing?


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