[tor-project] Automatic storm.torproject.org accounts for people with @torproject.org addresses

isis isis at torproject.org
Wed Apr 20 14:20:53 UTC 2016

Hello all,

Asheesh Laroia of the Sandstorm team offered us an API key for Sandstorm
Business, which means that there are now some extra features.

One of the ones I've already enabled is that anyone who proves control of an
@torproject.org email address is able to have a Sandstorm account on

There are additional features which likely allow us, once the server is moved
to official Tor Project infrastructure (rather than a server that I personally
maintain), to hook up to Tor's LDAP, which maybe requires a bit of hacking
because we have a somewhat odd LDAP setup, but it should allow us to have
passphrases for Sandstorm which are controlled in LDAP.  This would mean that
we don't need to use the "passwordless email login" anymore.

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