[tor-project] irssi and OFTC new cert

Nima Fatemi nima at torproject.org
Tue Apr 19 19:41:20 UTC 2016


Those of you who use irssi to get on IRC and had OFTC cert hardcoded
into your client might find this useful.

OFTC has just moved to Let's Encrypt. Yay!

But that means the old cert isn't valid anymore and if your irssi tries
to reconnect, it's going to fail with a warning that the client has
failed to verify the cert.

You need to edit your irssi config file (~/.irssi/config) and remove the
hardcoded ssl_cafile path.

After that you need to either close your irssi and reopen it, or do a
/reload and then /rmconnect oftc and then /connect oftc.

Note that doing a /reload isn't enough. irssi auto reconnect doesn't
read the new config. This silliness just ate about half an hour of mine.
Thought I'd let others know.

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