[tor-project] Notes from April 7 2016 Vegas team meeting

Nathan Freitas nathan at freitas.net
Fri Apr 15 17:47:34 UTC 2016

On Fri, Apr 15, 2016, at 03:16 AM, Karsten Loesing wrote:
> Isabela:
> 1) meeting Laura w/ Shari this Friday. Hope to hear better news from
> her. I emailed DRL requesting the follow up phone call they offered in
> the rejection email. I also pinged Dan to see if he is around, should
> be good to check in with him as well.
> 4) Next week on implementers meetings at DRL till the 20th (Wed). 20th
> is also the soft deadline for OTF full proposal and deadline for
> sponsorT report.

>From my perspective in hindsight, I think neither of the SoIs emphasized
mobile enough, based on the previous excitement and interest DRL seemed
to express earlier in that area. 

I think writing a "Funding All Things Mobile Tor" SoI would likely be
funded by DRL and/or OTF. We would need to go very big in the vision of
supporting both Android and iOS as first tier platforms, including
support for community projects like OnionShare and Ricochet. All of the
core work on little t-tor, infrastructure, metrics, etc would be
supported by this funding, but it is just that instead of starting with
those things as end results or outputs, they become highly funded
critical dependencies.

If Tor Project as an organization isn't prepared to propose such a thing
directly, then I am happy to, either as Guardian Project or through a
partner like Internews who is currently funding our work on pluggable
transports and mobile browsers.

All the best,

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