[tor-onions] Hidden Service "Generic SOCKS Error"

Flipchan flipchan at riseup.net
Fri Jul 22 00:12:39 UTC 2016

I switched from apache2 to nignx and my .onion site worked better , nginx is more lightweight therefore makes it faster etc(You might have problem with tor and not the webbserver it self, but if u Dont find a sulotion i recommend switching :)

Darcy Marshall <root at spydar007.com> skrev: (21 juli 2016 07:49:48 CEST)
>I recently set up a hidden service. The address for this hidden service
>is spydaroo7gtsipwm.onion.
>When I first start Tor on the server, it will work fine.
>Then after a while, maybe after a few visits or a few hours, it stops
>working. Both apache2 and Tor continue to run, but Tor Browser just
>acts as though it doesn't exist (cannot connect). Logs show errors of
>"general socks error". Tor2web services like onion.to also stop working
>and give generic SOCKS error.
>The way to fix this is to restart Tor on the server. It then works, but
>eventually will return to having a socks error.
>Does anyone know a reason for why this is happening or how to fix it?
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Sincerly Flipchan
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